Tears Of Immortal Love

When I saw the ocean swirling ecstatically towards the sky; trying to touch the Sun in its profoundly untamed glory;
There were tears of sheer adventure that dribbled from my eyes; transiting me into a land of fabulously enchanting fantasy.

When I saw the moon creeping nimbly into vibrantly blue cosmos; making way for the magnificently star studded night,
There were tears of placid contentment that trickled from my eyes; and my whole body commenced to prepare itself for a celestially satisfying nocturnal sleep.

When I saw the silhouette of the preposterously diabolical giant menacing full throttle towards me; ready to gobble upon my innocuous form,
There were tears of uncanny fear that oozed from my eyes; as each part of my skin got engulfed with profusely nervous sweat.

When I saw my fellow compatriots in tumultuous pain; with uncouth wounds of hopeless despair encompassing the periphery of their cracked lips,
There were tears of inexplicable sorrow that poured from my eyes; as I took a resolution to once again transform God’s created earth into a veritable paradise.

When I saw the potbellied spider fall infinite times; yet rise again to eventually accomplish weaving its cozy web,
There were tears of fortified conviction that flowed from my eyes; as each bone in my impoverished demeanor; got ready to confront the most mightiest of challenge on this planet.

When I saw the boundless conglomerate of pigeons pecking each other passionately; in wee hours of the wonderfully ravishing night,
There were tears of uninhibited passion that crept out of my eyes; as a cloudburst of insatiable desire shot through cabin compartments of my brain.

When I saw the festoon of red ants clambering on the towering elephant; fomenting him to fall like a box of soggy matchsticks on obdurate ground,
There were tears of awe inspiring self confidence that gushed out of my eyes; as I realized suddenly that true power lies solely in the mind.

When I saw the sacrosanct virtue of truth being massacred indiscriminately on all quarters of this Universe; being weighed with a platter of spurious currency all the time,
There were tears of utter hopelessness that shot out of my eyes; as I spat my wholesome best on disastrously dwindling mankind.

When I saw the divinely countenance of my mother parading by my side; bustling around in thorough anticipation of my well being,
There were tears of overwhelming gratitude that drizzled from my eyes; as I touched her feet in due obeisance; poignantly kissed her palms for bringing me into this fathomless world.

And when I saw the vivaciously enchanting visage of my beloved; her incomprehensibly alluring fragrance that took complete control over my every breath,
There were tears of immortal love that cascaded from my eyes; as I embraced her perpetually in my arms; obscuring our entities forever from this manipulatively blood thirsty planet.


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