Tell Me Who Can Stop You?

With fires blazing unrelentingly in your ardent eyes; and the perennial desire to keep surging forward till success charismatically kisses your doorstep,

With an insatiable desire to conquer every acrimonious impediment that dared confront you in your way; and the essence of tireless perseverance profoundly
blended with every ingredient of your scarlet blood,

With a perpetual longing to always be the philanthropic best in whatever you benevolently undertook; and the blessings of your parents hovering like an invincible fortress round your impoverished visage,

Most importantly with your humble heart forever commiserating with all religion; caste; creed; and color; royally alike; and with all your reservoir of unprecedented energy resolutely diffusing for goodness,

Tell me who on earth can ever stop you in your benign mission to uplift despairingly bereaved humanity; tell me who on earth can ever make the tiniest of dent on
your march towards uniting your brethren; in the strings of unassailable mankind?


With the vacillating maelstroms of distress and inexplicable anguish; miserably dithering to deter you even an inconspicuous trifle; and your visage towering
like an unflinching mountain in all situations; alike,

With the charisma on an impregnable warrior written majestically on your blissfully smiling lips; and your marvelous resilience paving a way steadily through the sea of vicious acerbity,

With the heart of a courageous lion relentlessly throbbing inside your intrepid chest; and your unstoppable momentum only rejuvenating you beyond the limits of untamed imagination,

Most importantly with altruistic obeisance ingrained deeply within each of your veins; and the urge to serve your countrymen in pain; perpetuating you inevitably from all sides,

Tell me who on earth can ever stop you in your mission of wholesomely decimating the most infinitesimal trace of evil from the trajectory of this colossal planet; tell me who on earth can ever think of disturbing even a fraction of your divinely shadow?


With nothing but the humanitarian epitome of triumph transcending supreme in your sight; and your eyeballs refraining to incorrigibly stoop; to even the most truculent of adversity that came its way,

With the fervent poignancy in your voice silencing all horrendously ungainly sardonism; and the tumultuous intensity in your stride making even the most Herculean of devils ludicrously shrink in their shells,

With the blessings of Omnipotent Lord Almighty making you more formidably unshakable on every step that you tread; and your bones wholesomely ready to sacrifice any amount of flesh; to save the lives of countless innocent,

Most importantly with the irrefutable paradise of truth embedded perpetually in your conscience; and its righteous sounds drifting you towards a civilization of unending togetherness,

Tell me who on earth can ever stop you in your mission of metamorphosing all treachery into scintillatingly optimistic goodness; tell me who on earth can ever
think of ruffling even a minuscule feather in your aristocratic cap?


With oceans of profuse dynamism patriotically enshrouding you from all sides; and the chapters of eternal righteousness your priceless companions for the remainder of your expedition,

With the spirit of uninhibited freedom magnificently embossed in each element of your valiantly shimmering visage; and the wings of sparkling honesty making you
fly a boundless continents; at a single time,

With the ravishingly vivacious beauty of the entire Universe incessantly revolving round the harmonious dormitories of your brain; and insidiously languid sleep remaining fathomless miles away from your countenance; as you advanced on your path towards the divine,

Most importantly with your majestically humanitarian attitude that made even the greatest of God’s salute you; and your ideals which had their rudiments in the
principles of timeless creation,

Tell me who on earth can ever stop you in your mission to become a ray of sheltering light for all those uncouthly divested; tell me who on earth can ever think of burying even your remotest of footprint; into the devilish graves?


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