Tell Me Why?

Tell me why do we sneeze saliva,
Walk fast when young with life?

Tell me why do we ooze scarlet blood,
Laugh inevitably when tickled with hand?

Tell me why do we desire mineral water,
Shiver with goose bumps in bitter winter cold?

Tell why does tongue oscillate in mouth chamber,
Pools of desperation get formed in the bones?

Tell me why is hair black, lips luscious red,
People round the world crazy for dollar note?

Tell me why are grass blades parrot green,
Cloud mass hindered by skyscrapers in street?

Tell me why is bread coated with peanut butter,
Cow slaughtered in abattoirs for beef?

Tell me why do rich sip black cocktail drink,
Unclothed urchins breathe in dilapidated garbage?

Tell me why are curved shells on sand beaches,
Innocent heads get beheaded in car crash?

Tell me why do we perceive stabs of pain,
Fall deep in sleep at the onset of night?

Tell me why do we transit from youth to old,
Collapse in a heap when hungry for food?

Tell me why does heart throb fast,
There is a purpose in life when we love?

Tell me why did God create man,
Only to snatch him away from realms of earth?


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