That I Was Blind – A Poem To Sensitize Those With Eye-Sight Towards Those Who Are Blind.

Outside; the Sun fire-lit every sagging bit of nerve and adulterated soil; into an unparalleled wind of optimism; blazing into dynamic freshness,
For me though; the blackness grew even more disconcerting than ever;
slowly crippling all my dimensions of beauty and charm- a blackness which rendered my existence into hysteric sadness with no respite.

Outside; the leaves blossomed into sparkling freshness from their tender buds; as mists of desire not only kissed them; but gave them the tenacity to lead a fulsome life,
For me though; the blackness pierced more ominously than a zillion smoldering thorns; leading me to dungeons of despair-a blackness which made me lose my way everytime I tread with new-found hope on rustic soil.

Outside; there was unimaginably fervent hustle-bustle as people of all color; caste; creed; race and religion-jostled helter-skelter in the rat race of survival of the fittest,
For me though; the blackness spun its web of disdainful loneliness till the last grain of my fantasy-a blackness which made me shunt every fabric of society in a baseless apprehension of cold rejection.

Outside; there swirled festivity of all gigantic size and proportion; with crackling thunder and white lightening of the sky; giving people more reason to uninhibitedly cheer,
For me though; the blackness metamorphosed every piece of my creativity into color of the morbid grave-a blackness which made me miserably writhe and flounder in the most primary of duties towards life.

Outside; the shadows grew dismally taller and smaller depending on shades of the majestic day; as it earnestly gave way to an even more royally spell-binding and sensuous night,
For me though; the blackness made every joyous bit of existence a squandering non-existence-a blackness which made me worse than a new-born infant reaching out to a mother; sibling or hand everytime-only to find empty space.

Outside; the planet behaved at gay abandon; throwing a spirit of untamed adventure to the winds; as it dared to take the path unexplored and experience the mystical vibrations of the unknown,
For me though; the blackness crucified every inscrutable imagery into ashes of nothingness; a decrepit blackness that had rendered every tear drop of mine to
being merely called saline.

Outside; undulating waves of the ocean rose more and more euphorically towards the profoundness of the sky; as ravishing storms and thunder kissed its emerald water,
For me though; the blackness diabolically cursed with the most intolerable of stench—a blackness which was a wall worse than jail; painstakingly dissolving me into a hell of dreaded hatred.

Outside; people leapt out of bed at the most evanescent crackle of dawn; full of undaunted ebullience to start afresh and with pride in their souls; leaving the chapters of erroneously faltering past well behind,
For me though; the blackness sinfully rendered every instant of life howsoever past; present or future as just the same; a blackness which made me stagnate into wretched gloom as I haplessly groped to find the edge of my bed.

Outside; boundless civilizations of all living kind relished intricate varieties of food; huddled together to form their own inimitable chains for hearty ‘Breakfast’; succulent ‘Lunch’ and sumptuous ‘Dinner’,
For me though; the blackness discarded me like a chunk of orphaned feces in busiest of streets; a blackness which at times made my trembling hands feed my ears; eyes and forehead; if they were the slightest occupied in finding a place for me to sit.

Outside; the globe changed everyday by the power of unduplicated imagination; as a united mass of living beings dared to envision; empower and enlighten with their mysticism extraordinaire,
For me though; the blackness hissed the ugliness of despairing extinction; a blackness that made me perceive every space on this planet as a miserably Lost World.

Outside; there eternally continued the chapters of effulgent life and inevitable death; till the time God commanded this earth to symbiotically exist,
For me though; the blackness heinously tightened its grip around my neck; a blackness which made me feel as if traversing alive like a meaningless corpse and being lambasted by the mortuaries of death.

No No. Before you start presuming me to be the worst kind of jinxed human existing. Let me tell you that I wasn’t any of the sort.

As the truth was far more unbearably unfortunate. That I was Blind.


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