That Woman

Every tree flooded the atmosphere with vibrantly exhilarating breeze; blissfully impregnating a wave of enchantment in the dolorously deadened atmosphere
But my eyes were intransigently searching for that tree which yielded compassionate shade; engulfing even the most infinitesimal iota of my monotonous dreariness; with astoundingly heavenly tranquility.

Every cloud in the fathomless sky looked vividly enchanting; celestially drifting into boundless bits of satiny space,
But my eyes were uncompromisingly searching for that cloud which would torrentially rain; entrench every dying pore of my countenance with ecstatic tumblers
of; divinely ravishing rain water.

Every wave in the gigantic ocean was gloriously undulating; disseminating into a festoon of enamoring froth after clashing against the chain of majestically ragged rocks,
But my eyes were unrelentingly searching for that wave which would reach the shores of my tyrannically tortured life; Omnisciently enlightening it with unconquerable optimism and tanginess.

Every flower marvelously blossomed at the crack of bountifully fascinating dawn; regally lighting the complexion of the mystically resplendent valley,
But my eyes were indefatigably searching for that flower which would deluge the withering coffin of my existence with unassailable fragrance; handsomely
perpetuate each aspect of my life with the sacred spirit of mankind.

Every shadow beautifully lengthened after the ball of flaming Sun disappeared behind the horizons; eventually blending with the fabric of the royally twinkling night,
But my eyes were irrevocably searching for that shadow which would wholesomely drape my diminutively trembling form; with an unprecedentedly enthralling
maelstrom of eternal sensuousness.

Every trail unfurled into a mystically appeasing entrenchment; an uncanniness that was a challenge for the living organism to dexterously tackle,
But my eyes were relentlessly searching for that trail which would perennially lead me into the aisles of amiable togetherness; where I could uninhibitedly bond with life; irrespective of spurious caste; creed; color of tribe.

Every ray of the Omnipresent Sun ingratiatingly sizzled the earth; blazing its way through even the most clammiest crannies of disparagingly darkened malice,
But my eyes were unfathomably searching for that ray which would trigger a sky of benign goodness in my brutally lambasted life; maneuver me towards the
meadows of irrefutably princely righteousness.

Every breath that diffused pumped quintessential life into the abysmally collapsing form; rejuvenating the undefeatedly unparalleled elixir of survival to the
most unsurpassable limits,
But my eyes were inexhaustibly searching for that breath which would be my timeless companion for infinite more births to come; never making me feel that I was treacherously solitary; orphaned and alone.

And every woman on this colossal globe was inherently beautiful; possessing the most pricelessly tender characteristics of the Lord’s symbiotic creation,
But my eyes were tirelessly searching for that woman who would bond the beats of her heart forever with mine; forever love me more than I could ever love my own life.


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