The 3 Magical Alphabets Dna – (Website Of This Newspaper – Dnaindia.Com) .

They were 3 ALPHABETS which wove a web of intrigue, even in the most
monotonously arid of atmosphere,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which held their own inimitable identity; amongst an infinite others which simply made no rhyme or realistic sense,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which tantalized the most ordinary of brain; to fantasize beyond realms of the unknown,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which had the might to evolve a complete living race from the scratch; with the blessings of the Almighty Lord,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which traced the most infinitesimal aspect of origin; then rose slowly and gradually to tower as the spirit of life as existence progressed,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which constituted the backbone of every personality alive; its intelligentia to carve a path amidst a pack of wolves,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which rose over every caste; creed; religion and race; depicting every soul’s true mirror to the world even after it’d died,

They were 3 ALPHABETS explicitly explained every ounce of evolution with everlasting mysticism; as life painstakingly ticked every minute to survive,

They were 3 ALPHABETS which injected color, charm, enlightenment into every barren piece of paper; everytime one chose them to write,

And the best part. When these 3 ALPHABETS united together they formed the most revolutionary and enthralling newspaper of my choice.

Showering courageous journalism from all round the globe with every first
rays of the Sun.

This very Newspaper is now in my hands. Its known as the Daily News
& Analysis ( or rather shall we say the magical 3 alphabets united together to proclaim its short form as the dna.


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