The Art Was Always Yours

The more stringently you tried to attempt it; the more abominably it ran away from you; eluding you like the wail of the surreptitiously wailing fox,

The more austerely you searched for it; the more abhorrently it shirked you; cold bloodedly kicking you on your; intricately silken hindside,

The more incorrigibly you wanted it; the more salaciously it whipped you; pugnaciously repelling you till realms beyond infinite infinity; to wander in a
land of worthless nothingness,

The more indefatigably you chased it; the more viciously it stabbed you; sporadically appearing right before your eyes; but unfortunately never being only yours,

The more intractably you tried to follow it; the more venomously did it fox you; rendering you gasping for breath and life; as you miserably staggered upon every

The more intransigently you stared at it; the more manipulatively it got more and more inconspicuous in size; literally blinding you to grope in a tunnel of gruesomely hapless darkness,

The more forcefully you tried to evolve it; the more ludicrously it jeered you; making meaningless mockery of your charismatic persona; in front of the entire Universe outside,

The more stubbornly you tried to assimilate it; the more smoothly it vanished from your impregnably clenched fists; handsomely soaring abreast the satiny clouds; while you spat angrily at your very own reflection,

The more resolutely you tried to capture it; the more rebelliously it slapped you; as you pathetically swooned for times immemorial upon treacherously cold ground,

The more greedily you tried to savor it; the more triumphantly it escaped from your mind for infinite more yet to come; leaving you to stagnate; in a ghastly corpse of remorseful morbidity,

The more possessively you tried to embrace it; the more congenially it blended with every other entity on this fathomless planet; except your ardently yearning soul,

The more obsessively you tried to chant it; the more heinously it slipped from the very center of your tongue; dumbing you perpetually; to bear the tyranny of the murderously savage world outside,
The more irretrievably you tried to cherish it; the more it started to fade like an obsolete mirage from the whites of your eye; as you ridiculously ended up relinquishing the last iota of breath; for its priceless sake,

The more fervently you tried to pray for it; the more it made sure that it would reside in another dwelling and not yours; submerging you forever in whirlpools
of disastrously gory darkness,

The more iteratively you tried to make it a fanatic part of your religion; the more it deserted you like the flames desert the crumbling matchstick; making sure that your entity coalesced only with raw dust,

The more tirelessly you tried to conquer it; the more irascibly surreptitious it became; enticing you like a nubile princess beside its seductive grace; before eventually making you taste maliciously stinking pig skin on the obdurate ground,

The more insanely you tried to make it an integral element of your breath; the more violently it shrugged your shivering visage; hatefully hurling you back to the very place; where you belonged before you were born,

The more cleverly you tried to bond it with every of your lackadaisically penurious beats; the more it dolorously dulled even the most infinitesimal trace of energy in your chest; as you asked the Lord to condone you from; devastatingly penalizing death,

It was unfortunately unlike other things in life; which when you tried the hardest for; would eventually and forever be yours,

For all you had to do was uninhibitedly open the chords of your mind; heart and soul; breathe naturally in symbiotic conjunction with God’s bountiful Universe; and Lo! Behold; the greatest artist poured out from your beautiful countenance; and the art that had always beguiled you previously; was now and timelessly; always yours.


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