The Beats Of Immortal Love

Enigmatic were the beats of the heavenly waterfall; pelting in ecstatic unison on the chain of fathomlessly mesmerizing rocks,

Melodious were the beats of the enchanting lotus; charismatically swaying in the rhapsodically tangy breeze that enveloped the air from all sides,

Ravishing were the beats of the seductive clouds; boundlessly tantalizing the colossal Universe with their compassionately vivid sensuousness,

Fabulous were the beats of the fecund bees; tirelessly disseminating into an ocean of unfathomably beautiful honey; as the Sun blazed to its most unprecedentedly
profound radiance in azure sky,

Blissful were the beats of the rustling trees; vivaciously casting a mist of ardently endless desire; even in the heart of the most dolorously deadened night,

Tantalizing were the beats of the poignant sea; exotically swirling to indefatigably blend with silken carpets of timelessly endowing sky,

Fascinating were the beats of the majestic eagle; beautifully flapping its royal wings till times beyond eternity; celestially embracing the heavenly winds,

Symbiotic were the beats of melanging mankind; where all organism irrespective of caste; creed and spurious tribe; iridescently coalesced into the religion
of unconquerably scintillating humanity,

Triumphant were the beats of the patriotic soldier; unflinchingly confronting even the most ghastily acrimonious impediment with an innocuous smile,

Truculent were the beats of the unforgiving cyclone; disastrously devastating even the most infinitesimal speck of holistic life in vicinity; to preposterously threadbare shit,

Exuberant were the beats of the opalescent butterfly; mischievously fluttering its wings; under the Omnipotently dazzling rays of the afternoon Sun,

Nonchalant were the beats of the lugubrious tortoise; lackadaisically snoring on swampy soil; even as an unsurpassable battalion of panthers ferociously roared
in from all sides,

Blistering were the beats of the glistening desert; unrelentingly flaming full throttle; every unfurling minute of the sweltering day and even in the entrenchment
of tranquilly serene midnight,
Holistic were the beats of the divinely saint; unfurling each shade of his philanthropically magnanimous life; to the service of eternally endowing and scintillating mankind,

Invincible were the beats of mesmerizing friendship; ebulliently evolving into a mist of unbreakable togetherness; to jubilantly unveil into the astronomically aristocratic colors of vivid life,

Exhilarating were the beats of intrepid adventure; blossoming into overwhelmingly thunderous newness; as every lane led into the echoes of the uncannily unknown,

Ingratiating were the beats of the dancing peacock; tantalizing even the most appallingly gruesome corpse of grizzly blood; to wholesomely blend with the
magically regale rhythm of mother nature,

Piquant were the beats of uninhibited candidness; propelling untamed fires to erupt into the timidly grandiloquent soul; diffusing a cloudburst of effusive poignancy in even the most insipid arena of the atmosphere,

Miraculous were the beats of Omniscient breath; gloriously instilling life in even the most blood soaked corpses of the devil; proving the most fantastic panacea to lead the chapter of mystically undulating life,

And Immortal were the beats of Godly love; bonding every organism; caste; creed; color and stature on the trajectory of this gigantic planet; into the mantra of unshakable oneness; into the paradise of wonderful sharing; into the fragrance of everlastingly united existence.


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