The Chapter Of Love. The Chapter Of Life.

The same legs which I once considered supremely bohemian and useless; an incorrigible weight dragging on my body all the time,
Now proved to be my best cars transporting me at swashbuckling speeds to my destination; when the ferocious lion was chasing me; and I was stranded disdainfully in the wilderness of the night.

The same fingers which I once considered be an insipid burden to my hands; bothering me all throughout the tenure of the acerbic day with squalid pools of sweat
that dribbled painstakingly down their periphery,
Now proved like angels having descended freshly from the heavens; as they indefatigably answered the bulky sheets of examination paper; saving me the tyranny of doing murderous college all over again.

The same muscles which I once considered as ostentatious pieces of meat bulging bombastically from beneath my shirt; interfering pertinently when I tried to slip through slim space,
Now proved to be equivalent to the entire army of Herculean strength; protecting me invincibly when I was attacked by the fleet of diabolical demons.

The same stomach which I once considered to be bizarrely obese; extruding out pretentiously beyond the realms of synchronized control; being smirked by every girl who trespassed me in vicinity,
Now proved to be greater than the most qualified of doctor; as it was the sole tool which was able to make the orphan smile; when all other medicines in the world had utterly failed.

The same eyelashes which I once considered to be a gravely cumbersome bother; intractably transgressing across my immaculate vision countless times in a single day,
Now proved to be the greatest ointment existing in the Universe; as they massaged my eye with remarkable rejuvenation in the midst of the tumultuous sandstorm.

The same saliva which I once considered as horrendously cheap; incessantly circulating in my mouth; rendering it sometimes with a disgusting odor unbearable
to inhale,
Now proved to be the greatest appetizer generating insurmountable pangs of hunger in my stomach; assisted me overwhelmingly to masticate my morsels of food; gulp them down delectably with untamed relish.

The same lines on my palms which I once considered to be despicably condemning; for rendering me disastrously penurious; without even a penny in my pocket while other’s dwellings overflowed with pompous diamonds and glittering gold,
Now proved to be the greatest destiny; as I escaped without the most minuscule of scratch on my body; even as boundless others of my kind uncouthly perished in the swirl of the ear-shattering earthquake.

The same voice which I once considered to be profoundly detestable; wanted to abscond fathomless miles away as I heard the disgruntling cadence in its sound; felt like dying a tortured death every moment when I cognized the hoarseness it was impregnated with,
Now proved to be the greatest life saver; as my screams brought in the rescue workers; saved me from drowning to the bottom of the mercilessly deep ocean.

The same nails which I once considered ugly and contemptuously dirty; protruding unnecessarily from my rubicund skin; making me the object of cynical ridicule in the heart of the plush conference room,
Now proved to be the greatest weapons in fomenting me to fight with the menacing burglars; preventing them from stealing the possessions that I had sparingly managed to accumulate in all my life.

And the same heart which I once considered to be throbbing without sagacious control; palpitating incoherently in my chest without respite; acting as a perilous impediment; irately disturbing my blissful nights sleep,
Now proved to be the greatest life; beating violently after witnessing the love of its dreams; besieged by a cloud of unfathomable passion and romance; eventually
discovering a new purpose to live; discovering a whole new purpose to continue the chapter of love; the chapter of life.


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