The Chapter Of Vibrant Life

At times a river of sensuously everlasting happiness; while at times an inexplicable thorn stabbing you with pints of traumatized anguish,

At times a mesmerizing cloud of blossoming prosperity; while at times an incorrigible impediment engendering you to preposterously stagger towards the aisles of hopelessness,

At times a fountain of unbelievable resplendence; while at times testing you against the most horrendously ominous storms; which unrelentingly seemed to have not the slightest of respite,

At times a euphorically surging bird flapping in the realms of ebullient jubilation; while at times inevitably making you trip towards the dungeons of frantically bizarre desperation,

At times a melodiously enchanting song placating even the most murderously diabolical of your nerves; while at times asphyxiating your visage; with precarious
testaments of painstaking perseverance,

At times an ultimate harbinger of celestial peace; while at times marauding your brain with a boundless mountain of; compulsively crippling thoughts and prejudice,

At times a waterfall of voluptuously seductive glory titillating you till times beyond eternity; while at times an ominous maelstrom of intractable difficulty; penalizing you from every ostensible side,

At times a thunderbolt of ingenious innovation; while at times a disastrously insane wastrel; infiltrating you with daggerheads of insipidly debilitating nothingness,

At times a garden of stupendously enthralling vivaciousness; while at times an unsparingly acrid blade that menacingly greeted you; at every step that you transgressed,

At times a gorgeously enthralling paradise of bestowing scent; while at times an assiduously testing examination of the severest of odds; making you wither into a penurious shadow of disdainful remorse and neglect,

At times an ecstatic whirlpool of rejuvenating freshness entirely metamorphosing the complexion of your abominably bedraggled life; while at times a corpse of baseless tensions; depriving you of even the most infinitesimal wink of sleep,

At times an irrefutably triumphant medallion of blazing victory; while at times insidiously lambasting you with swords of monotonously mundane
commercialism and abhorrent malice,

At times the most candidly blissful reflection of your impeccable soul; while at times tumultuously besieging your entire countenance; with heinously incarcerating
beads of impeding sweat,

At times the tantalizingly exotic carpet of the gregariously twinkling night; while at times a vociferously crumbling sea of disparaging despair; viciously hurtling you from your most unequivocally consolidated place in pragmatic existence,

At times a mountain of unconquerably Herculean strength safeguarding you against the most treacherously salacious evil; while at times an inscrutable cistern of black magic; invidiously transforming your every wish into a mirage of meaninglessness,

At times an unassailable inferno of divine righteousness transcending you above the most immaculate angels in fathomless sky; while at times a savagely tyrannical panther; instilling in you an insatiably unending flame of lecherous greed,

At times the most priceless elixir to ebulliently bounce in every instant of rhapsodic survival; while at times vengefully slapping you with whirlwinds of defeat; staring with uncouth barbarism in your innocent eyes,

At times a resplendently robust fruit culminating into rays of revitalizingly Omnipotent hope; while at times more slippery than the surreptitiously perilous eel;
triggering you to plummet headon on a snake of slithering nonchalance,

And at times an immortal bonding of existence bountifully coalescing you with all those whom you pricelessly loved; while at times more sardonically bitter than venom could ever have tasted; such was the vacillating chapter of vibrant life.


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