The Child Of The Lord

Child of the Omnipotently everlasting Sun; was the gloriously ecstatic and flamboyantly pristine ray,

Child of the blissfully voluptuous cloud; was the ecstatically mesmerizing and seductively fragrant globule of water,

Child of the enchantingly exotic lotus; was the ever-pervading meadow of celestially bountiful and spell binding fragrance,

Child of the enigmatically proliferating forest; was the panoramically motley entrenchment of; vividly uninhibited nature and philandering animal,

Child of the ardently towering mountain; was the indomitably united civilization of brilliantly unfettered strength,

Child of the resplendently milky moon; was the fantastically fathomless pond
of euphorically twinkling shine,

Child of the innovatively blessed mind; was the untamed whirlpool of rapaciously surreal and joyously unblemished dreams,

Child of the seductively clandestine night; was the unparalleled cavern of impregnably unending and fascinatingly miraculous sensuousness,

Child of the insuperably true artist; was the timeless wind of magically bestowing
and eternally fructifying poetry,

Child of the unflinchingly altruistic soldier; was the sword of unassailably scintillating and pricelessly inimitable patriotism,

Child of the infallibly unrelenting optimism; was the unshakably undaunted epitome of astoundingly redolent and perpetually blossoming success,

Child of the vibrantly soaring butterfly; was the jubilantly emollient and majestically radiant hill of mystically ingenious frolic,

Child of the uncontrollably fluttering shadow; was the abysmally tranquil cave; of enticingly glorious and bounteously benign mysticism,

Child of the immutably egalitarian mirror; was the arrow of perennially spawning
and limitlessly invincible righteousness,

Child of the royally embossed lexicon; was the astonishingly eclectic treasurehouse of convivially perspicacious and pragmatically opulent words,

Child of the ingratiatingly princely breath; was the chapter of unconquerably sparkling and iridescently tireless life,

Child of selflessly bonding symbiotism; was the philanthropically undefeatable religion of pricelessly benign and rhapsodically heavenly humanity,

Child of the insatiably thundering heart; was the victorious paradise of fathomlessly abounding and immortally divine love,

And Child of the Omnipresently Almighty Lord; was the inscrutably stupefying shell of this entire Universe; on which organism of every size; shape and color for
him was wonderfully alike; on which he holistically coalesced one and all in the mantra of mankind; on which he showered love; love and only endless love; on
which he fearlessly paraded as the Ultimate master for times till even beyond infinite infinity; and till the moment he liked.


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