The Cold Blooded Rock

The chain of black stretched all over,
the pointed surfaces, the leading of suicidal death,
the tedious climb encircled by emotionless faces,
all of which have a maniacal look,
abraded exteriors of rock posses shining faces,
spreading waves of savage delight and brutal splendor,
trapping innocent prey in their vice like grip.

the air mightily pounds on its surface,
removing small chunks of graphite powder,
transporting loose pieces of stone down the valley,
leaking inside the comfort houses of several ant and white rabbit.

hollow crevices in the rock are filled with crusty liquid,
growing in stature by the advancing day,
bubbling in nervous energy imparted by sheltered warmth,
at last gushing out in frenzy,
forming volatile springs of boiling lava,
assassinating possible signs of life in several kilometers of vicinity.


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