The First Thing; The Only Thing

When I opened my eyes; the first thing that they sighted in this entire Universe; was your charismatically mesmerizing shadow,
While after I fell fast asleep; the enigma in your swirl was the only wave that profusely entrenched me; wholesomely blending with your enthralling beauty for times immemorial.

When I opened my hands; the first thing that they caressed in this entire Universe; was your magnetically enchanting skin,
While after I clenched them into a passionate fist; the only memories that they cherished were your impeccably vibrant impressions; which granted them the unfathomable tenacity to philander for times beyond eternity.

When I opened my lips; the first thing they kissed in this entire Universe; were your voluptuously rubicund cheeks,
While after I austerely pursed them; the only reason that they smiled for; were your emphatically vivacious expressions; the everlasting melody which emanated from deep within your throat.

When I opened my nostrils; the first thing that I inhaled in this entire Universe; was your enticingly ravishing and stupendously drifting scent,
While after I perpetually closed them; the only optimism they harbored was your Omnipotently augmenting aura; lost in its mystical charm for infinite more births yet to unveil.

When I opened my hair; the first thing that I imbibed in this entire Universe; was your impregnably unending conviction,
While after I clamped them into an incarcerated heap; the only excitement that they could absorb was the tingling rhapsody of your breath; making them steer into a land of silken beauty and ecstatic enthrallment.

When I opened my ears; the first thing that they heard in this entire Universe; were your divinely footsteps; exuberantly thundering through the wilderness,
While after I pulverized them to stone deaf; they only maneuvered to your flurry of exotic commands; turning wholesomely oblivious to the tunes of the uncouthly
manipulative society.

When I opened my mouth; the only thing I could savor in this entire Universe; was your insatiably proliferating and alluring freshness,
While after I stringently clenched it; the only power that propelled me to exist without a morsel of food; yet as the strongest organism alive; was your
astoundingly philanthropic benevolence.

When I opened my mind; the first thing that I fantasized was about your Omnipresently Godly soul,
While after I ruthlessly shut it down; the only dream it unrelentingly perceived was that of your sacrosanct visage; which cast a perennial spell; upon every element in my blood for boundless times.

And when I opened my heart; the first thing that it relentlessly throbbed for on this entire Universe; was the cadence of your intriguingly passionate persona,
While after I irrevocably closed its doors; the only thing it immortally lived for; was your uninhibited love; forever and ever and ever.


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