The First Time

The first time when I swam in fathomless waters of the Atlantic; my legs felt dreary with feverish exhilaration; my heart palpitated 100 beats faster,
There was an incredulous feeling of confronting the storm; floating
abreast the opalescent fish; caressing the drifting corals as I plunged down.

The first time when I ate freezing icecream; infinite buds of taste
stood up on my tongue in bewildered alacrity,
I greedily gulped the blend of protuberant cherry and cream inadvertently smearing some of it on my nose; to satiate my thirst in the scorching winds of summer.

The first time when I witnessed an accident; the lifeless form of an innocuous
pedestrian lying in a river of crimson blood,
Uncanny shivers ran down my spine at swashbuckling speeds; a dark blur
obliterated my eyes; and I swooned in a disheveled heap on the ground.

The first time when I saw a crackling fire; heaps of logs being incinerated by
a tiny matchstick,
I felt besieged by waves of curiosity; unwittingly poking my fingers in the
sapphire blue flames; although I quickly withdrew them before my flesh
got charred to soot.

The first time when I smoked a cigarette; I felt something vindictively
burning in my throat,
There were incessant bouts of coughing; succeeded by clouds of grey air
wafting from my mouth.

The first time when I drove my car; I felt tumultuous power
encompassing me; as I could increase the speed at a mere kiss to the accelerator,
However when I did so; the automobile sky rocketed towards the sky;
eventually crashing into the bakery full of rotten eggs and cakes.

The first time when I sat in the aircraft; I felt overwhelmed by the ostentatious interiors; the trays of plum juice being served in kingly fashion,
I thought of opening the translucent glass window as I usually did as I
got up from sleep; this time though I was rebuked by the airhostess from doing
so; as it could mean a difference between life and death.

The first time when I drank peach flavored wine; there was a massive cyclone
that engulfed my mind,
I seemed to have lost refined degrees of sophistication; barked a volley of
malicious expletives looking my employer straight in his eyes.
The first time when I heard the tiger growl in the jungle; the sonorous screeching of the owl; I felt clusters of hair stand like needles on my skin,
Also I didn’t need to find a plush lavatory; as I had performed the call of
nature in my pants.

The first time I attended a bombastic party; with a conglomerate of sparkling
lights falling in dispersed beams; I felt awkward reverberations entrench me
from all sides,
And my situation exacerbated; when my parents introduced me to the ensemble of
dignitaries; who sipped beer as casually as they had mineral water from their glass.

The first time I held a gun in my hands; they unrelentingly shivered with cold
sweat dribbling down my forehead,
I knew I had to kill my adversary to save my own life; but in the end succumbed to the tyranny of fate; as I couldn’t muster the tenacity to fire.

The first time when I heard my name; the voice of my mother stringently addressing me in her domineering,
I felt as impregnable as god in the sky; as I had now been bestowed supreme
recognition to my otherwise neglected entity.

And the first time when I saw her; sighting her silken hair blowing with the
wind; I instantly fell in the dungeon of love,
Wanting to be incarcerated with her celestial form; away from the nuances of
the world for ever and ever and ever.


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