The Flag Of Love

When I tried hoisting the flag of greedy corruption; it initially soared towards the absolute zenith; basking in the glory of horrendously manipulative deeds,
However after a while it left me astoundingly dumbfounded; as it melted like a frigid matchstick; under the most feeblest light of the Golden Sun.

When I tried hoisting the flag of brutal violence; it initially shot up higher than the clouds; overwhelmingly hooting with heinous power; trapped in its knuckles,
However as the clock ticked; my eyes nearly popped out searching for it; as it blended like a speck of infinitesimal dust; in the ethereally fading horizons.

When I tried hoisting the flag of blatant lies; it initially galloped like a prince over every obstacle; riding high on a foundation of bizarrely obnoxious manipulation,
However as time unveiled; I nearly fell unconscious laughing; as a mere infant swapped it from its very roots; like a parasitic mosquito hovering in plain air.

When I tried hoisting the flag of irascible slavery; it initially glided like a majestic eagle; smoothly sailing over the weak; with satanic power and diabolical force,
However as the hours crept; I stood transfixed in sheer disbelief; as the same found itself infinite kilometers beneath its corpse; with the tiniest draught of rustling leaves.

When I tried hoisting the flag of sinister cowardice; it initially weathered the most treacherous of storm and rain; hiding and treacherously plotting from well within its insidious cocoon,
However as moonlight descended; I emitted a whistle of sheer triumph; as it pathetically strangulated to death in its own coffin; even as the Sun played hide
and seek behind the crimson clouds.

When I tried hoisting the flag of baseless discrimination; it initially catapulted to an ultimate crescendo; lecherously tormenting color and tribes which it didn’t like,
However as the evening crept past; I heaved a sigh of blissful relief; as it charred to a dustbin of inconsequential coal; even before the most diminutive whirlwind of freedom whipped by.

When I tried hoisting the flag of sinful terrorism; it initially flamed like an untamed inferno in the cosmos; ruling the impeccable planet in a swirl of uncouth bloodbath,
However as the days unfurled; I bounced ebulliently in a land more stupendous than paradise; as it meowed like a tame cat; even before all united goodness; alighted a single step outside.

When I tried hoisting the flag of insane bloodshed; it initially hissed like a tireless snake; relishing its new found freedom of wholesomely assassinating millions; at free whim,
However as dates sped themselves on the calendars; I guffawed the loudest laugh of my life; as it lay nonchalantly like a miserable stone on the ground; being ruthlessly kicked by even the ants who trespassed its dastardly way.

But when I tried hoisting the flag of immortal truth and love; although initially the cloth showed no heroics of escalating to the pinnacle of glittering stardom,
However at the end; as each night blossomed into the vibrantly optimistic day; it became a patriotic wave; bonding all hearts irrespective of caste; creed; color; race; in the mission to save mother earth; alike.


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