The Hardest Thing For A Writer To Bear

The hardest thing for a mother to bear; was the sudden death of her new born and sweet infant,

The hardest thing for a Businessman to bear; was the abrupt closure of his Business; his goods being auctioned in the market at a price lesser than stones,

The hardest thing for a bird to bear; was that her eggs got stolen by the vicious snake right in front of her eyes,

The hardest thing for a desert to bear; was its barren and magnificently shimmering sands; being extravagantly flooded with water,

The hardest thing for a boxer to bear; was opprobrious defeat; being decimated to the floor by his timid adversary,

The hardest thing for an automobile to bear; was the dismal snapping of its brakes; as it was just seconds away from reaching the summit of the mountain,

The hardest thing for the eye to bear; was its inability to recognize its most revered and beloved; even as she passed at whisker lengths from its body,

The hardest thing for a eunuch to bear; was the volley of insults and ignominious rebukes it received; the hilarious laughter which it was subjected to; for noabsolutely no fault of its at all,

The hardest thing for the shoe to bear; was exploding into infinite fragments; the moment it tread nimbly on the soil,

The hardest thing for the consortium of diabolical black clouds to bear; was not being able to incessantly rain; even after floating rampantly for hours in the sky,

The hardest thing for a robust swimmer to bear; was lying like a frigid mute leaf in the pool; when the race to the trophy was just about to commence,

The hardest thing for the lips to bear; was the acrimonious society coming in between then and their enchanting lover,

The hardest thing for the wealthiest man on this earth to bear; was the girl of his dreams kicking all his opulence; eloping with that beggar instead; whom she
had ardently given her heart,

The hardest thing for the impeccable and sparkling shirt to bear; was being ripped apart to uncouth strands; as it confronted head on with the worst of cyclonic storm,

The hardest thing for the conscience to bear; was overwhelming guilt pounding on it like a volcano from all sides; as it agonizingly conceived its tale of blatant lies,

The hardest thing for the spring waters to bear; was getting adulterated by infinitesimal specks of dirt; as they gushed past contaminated slopes of lecherous

The hardest thing for the lion to bear; was being ingeniously outwitted by the hunter; despite being crowned the irrefutable king of the jungle,

The hardest thing for the hands to bear; was their inefficiency to save several lives in vicinity as they were incarcerated in chains; although they knew the Herculean strength circulating in their bones,

The hardest thing for God to bear; was infinite numbers of his molecules fighting with each other on this earth; the very planet which he had created as paradise; now metamorphosing into a river of hostile death,

And the hardest thing for a writer to bear; when despite dedicating all his mind, body and soul to his profession; chiseling every alphabet he perceived with his very own blood; his work didn’t sell.


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