The Heart And The Mannequins.

Mannequins of idiosyncratically insipid nothingness; to relentlessly satiate the minds of all those insanely purposeless and pathetically lunatic,

Mannequins of salaciously unending treachery; to insatiably titillate the appetites of all those; uncouthly besieged in the graveyards of bizarrely unforgivable manipulation,

Mannequins of sordidly lecherous dust; to intransigently appease the gluttony of all those; lackadaisically slithering in the aisles of nonchalantly debilitating boredom,

Mannequins of ludicrously collapsing and frigid matchsticks; to sleazily placate the souls of all those; abhorrently prejudiced in the ruthlessly parasitic shackles of greed,

Mannequins of fecklessly worthless and ungainly insomnia; to intractably titillate the eyes of all those; devilishly slandering and massacring; without the most infinitesimal of purpose in vibrant life,

Mannequins of cheaply glittering corruption; to surreptitiously trigger the bloodstream’s of all those; tyrannically beheading to catapult to the zenith of baseless power and prosperity,

Mannequins of forlornly fretful obsolescence; to incorrigibly pamper the footsteps of all those; deliberating inflicting torturous pain on self and everlasting humanity,

Mannequins of satanically decaying blood; to demonishly charm the senses of all those; indiscriminately trampling the trajectory of mother earth; with unsurpassably obnoxious drudgery,

Mannequins of blatantly discordant and heinous lies; to dogmatically pump the silhouettes of all those; regretfully incarcerated in whirlwinds of abominably
abashing cowardice,

Mannequins of egregiously stony silence; to irretrievably pacify the visages of all those; wasting every unfurling moment of their lives; disconcertingly smarting in the gutters of wastrel neglect,

Mannequins of diabolically perverted and pugnacious stink; to irrefutably tranquilize the tongues of all those; barbarically wanting to gobble immaculately truthful skin,

Mannequins of savagely lambasting and cacophonic abuse; to truculently please the skins of all those; drifting the spell bindingly fathomless Universe into the corpse of murderously threadbare politics,

Mannequins of penalizingly mocking laughter; to irrevocably stimulate the cells of all those; trying to invidiously infiltrate into the web of ingratiatingly celestial peace and unflinching solidarity,

Mannequins of traumatically desensitizing death; to disparagingly inebriate the persona’s of all those; wholesomely indifferent to the magnanimously blissful
proceedings of this enthralling planet,

Mannequins of disastrously impoverished and gory skeletons; to unrelentingly enlighten the bodies of all those; horrifically unbelieving in the chapters of
vivaciously mesmerizing existence,

Mannequins of inexplicably salacious and unprecedented starvation; to inexorably please the spirits of all those; ghoulishly entangled in webs of insidiousness;
without a mind; body or soul,

Mannequins of acrimoniously sinister darkness; to indefatigably gratify the ego’s of all those; sinking deeper and deeper into the preposterously ghastly crematorium of hideous crime,

Mannequins of lugubriously indolent non-existence; to incessantly cajole the nerves of all those; who cursed even the most bountifully resplendent beauty of God;
from their very first cry,

But an unassailable garden of love; love and only sensuously timeless love; to perennially immortalize the heartbeats of all those; uninhibitedly wanting to
wander in a world of freedom; uninhibitedly wanting to breathe forever in a world of philanthropically unending togetherness.


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