The House Lizard

Clawed feet stuck to concrete wall,
emanating wildly from my 10 cm body,
propagating sandpaper effect as i run,
traversing few miles of territory,
stealthily encroaching communities of insects,
nibbling spider with my lips,
gulping ants, mosquitoes, swarms of flies,
feasting myself on tender bird egg,
bread crumbs, stale fruit, cheese chunks, i ravish,
inhabiting faulty crevice in decayed plaster,
clinging all night to high voltage bulb,
breeding in pitch dark corners of gutter pipe,
several of my shape i procreate,
with tiny beads of twin black eyes,
shooting a fountain of blood when attacked,
climbing high rise structures devoid support,
i have a lengthy period of survival,
prowling boldly into the cleanest of environment,
flickering my tail when provoked by kin,
possessing the capacity to regenerate it,
i’ll trespass in your house with informal ease, I need no invitation,
O! yes i am indeed a dirty brown house lizard


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