The Human Brain

The more unrelentingly that you stretched it; the more did it explore; every cranny of this astoundingly fathomless Universe,

The more incessantly that you taxed it; the more incomprehensibly sharper did it become; as the minutes unfurled,

The more indefatigably that you kept it awake; the more rhapsodically did it fantasize; about the voluptuously exotic creations of this planet,

The more ardently that you stirred it; the more boundlessly did it fulminate into a marvelous festoon of ideas; which possessed the invincible power to blend sky with chocolate brown soil,

The more unendingly that you manipulated it; the more shrewdly astute did it become; contemplating infinite steps further; before even you could actually
alight your nimble foot,

The more tumultuously that you let it loose; the more rampantly did it wander; tirelessly adding fabulous dimensions to the dwindling chapter of existence,

The more ferociously that you reprimanded it; the more stupendously did it coin it plans; to infiltrate through the most impregnable of chains,

The more magnanimously that you unleashed it; the more prudence and knowledge did it imbibe; grasping an incredulous ocean of newness as the Sun peeped
from behind scarlet clouds,

The more that you made it run; the more uncontrollable did it become; relentlessly chasing its favorite fetish; even as your soul left for its celestial abode,

The more that you teased it; the more gloriously stupefying inventions did it produce; wholesomely metamorphosing the definitions of monotonously mundane tomorrow,

The more that you made it perennially sleep; the more dreams did it marvelously perceive; enchantingly galloping in a land beyond fathomlessly wonderful paradise,

The more that you challenged it; the more immortally formidable did it become; registering unconquerable triumph on every adversity; which lingered invidiously
in gigantic atmosphere,

The more that you seductively burnt it; the more passionately did it catapult towards jubilant cosmos; profusely stimulating the dreariness of the ghastly night,
The more that you sadistically whipped it; the more uncontrollably did it race towards extinction; brutally transcending the blissful synergies of symbiotic relationships,

The more that you tried to conventionally incarcerate it; the more bonds did it form with the winds of ultimate freedom; royally galloping to fulfill its romantic missions in life,

The more that you torched it with volcano’s of hatred; the more faster did it head towards the pathways of self destruction; maliciously closing breath from all quarters of hope,

The more that you pompously polished it; the more compassionately did it embrace the rustic roots of rudimentary existence; abhorring aliens as much as a fish abhors dry sand,

The more you commanded it to love; the more devotedly did it exist for countless more births yet to come; deluging each element of your survival with everlasting happiness,

Worse than a child at times; Conquering barricades within a wink when in the perfect mood; Heading at electric speeds towards its grave without the slightest rhyme or reason; While at times taking an immutable pledge to be forever alive,
the human brain was sometimes your obedient slave, while at times refused all heavens to be your ultimate Master.


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