The Human Breath

It occurs all day and night,
through hairy pipes of soft flesh,
contracting and expanding the lung apparatus,
consuming vital oxygen from atmosphere,
bellowing crisp draughts of air in blood,
inflating belly pouches for flash seconds,
imparting vibrant energy to pounding heart,
embracing throat windpipe with soft cushion,
prompting production of waste in chambers of gas,
reinforcing body defense to disease,
radiating natural air conditioning in flesh stuck to skeleton,
regenerating worn out tissue cells,
purifying dark red liquid flowing through veins,
filtering shell stones from kidney sac,
heating cheek and ear when done rapidly,
reinvigorating intricate parts of brain,
occurring in gasps, shallow inhalation, puffed sensations,
even at work while in deep waters,
impossible to be stopped for more than a minute,
an involuntary reflex possesed by all living,
striking against sticky nasal foreign matter,
while entering the body,
is the beautiful and reliable human breath.


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