The Most Fervent Slave

Tantalizing were her beautiful eyelashes; as I danced in the aisles of insatiable ecstasy; to even the most infinitesimal of her mischievously spell binding flutter,

Tantalizing were her compassionate lips; as I catapulted to the scintillating walls of ravishingly supernatural heaven; to even the most diminutive of her magnetic pursing,

Tantalizing were her silken ears; as I poignantly reminisced all those sacrosanct moments of my philandering childhood; to even the most inconspicuous of her sensuous swishing,

Tantalizing were her iridescent cheeks; as I fructified into an unfathomable island of panoramic color and charm; to even the most fugitive of her blissful blushing,

Tantalizing were her exhilarating legs; as I exuberantly galloped forward in the wholesomely profound fervor of life; to even the most evanescent of her nimble stride,

Tantalizing were her charismatic palms; as I replenished each of my disastrously dwindling senses to the ointment of philanthropic humanity; to even the most ethereal of her magnanimous claps,

Tantalizing was her resplendent belly; as I profusely engulfed myself into an unsurpassable township of gorgeous sensuousness; to even the most fleeting of
her ecstatic thrusts,

Tantalizing were her ravenous hair; as I discovered the priceless rudiments of my impoverished existence; to even the most minuscule of her volatile vivaciousness,

Tantalizing was her everlasting righteousness; as I jubilantly escalated to the epitome of irrefutably unconquerable companionship; to even the most tiniest of her sagacious footsteps,

Tantalizing were her enchanting eyebrows; as I triumphantly transcended past the boundaries of exotic mysticism; to even the most non-existent of her innocuous twitches,

Tantalizing was her fascinating brain; as I Omnipotently lit the lanterns of seductive desire in my eyes; to even the most mercurial of her glorious fantasy,

Tantalizing were her melodious fingers; as I imbibed the vividly enamoring sweetness of this fathomless planet; to even the most parsimonious of her celestial strokes,

Tantalizing was her harmonious throat; as I ingratiatingly experienced the Omniscient charisma of existence; to even the most capricious of her gregarious sounds,

Tantalizing was her scintillating sweat; as I enthrallingly blended with the true essence of timeless perseverance; to even the most invisible diffusing of her unbelievably unending ardor,

Tantalizing were her reinvigorating smiles; as I boundlessly assimilated all poignant jubilation on this tireless planet; to even the most intricate unfurling of her heavenly lips,

Tantalizing was her unassailable conscience; as I learnt to unflinchingly confront every acrimonious element of survival; to even the most intangible aura of her celestial existence,

Tantalizing was her unshakable breath; as I fulminated into a fireball of resilience to lead a countless more lifetimes; to even the most ephemeral of her victorious exhalations,

Tantalizing was her undefeatable humanity; as I relinquished all spurious caste; creed and tribe to perennially coalesce with the religion of mankind; to even the most transient of her Godly impressions,

But Immortal was her ubiquitous heart; as I unabashedly fell in eternally limitless love; became the mostfervent slave of her Omniscient aura; to even the most
momentary of her passionately proliferating beats.


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