The Most Immortal Of Them All

The Sun might be flamboyant; sizzling dilapidated portions of the earth with its festoon of grandiloquently blistering rays; but you are the most flamboyant of them all,

The flower might be fragrant; diffusing its stupendously exotic redolence to thoroughly dwindling souls; but you are the most fragrant of them all,

The stars might be fabulously resplendent; shimmering their pearly rays in the ocean of perpetual darkness; but you are the most resplendent of them all,

The thunderbolts of white lightening might be vivacious; impregnating infernos of insatiable desire into lifeless souls; but you are the most vivacious of them all,

The crimson clouds in the boundless cosmos might be mystical; as one sighted them nostalgically reminiscing times of immaculate birth; but you are the most mystical of them all,

The protuberant crested sparrow might be boisterous; frolicking in the aisles of uninhibited rhapsody; but you are the most boisterous of them all,

The sheets of impeccably glistening ice might be seductive; melting into a melodious stream of voluptuous water; but you are the most seductive of them all,

The mountain of unsurpassable salt embodied in the undulating waves might be tangy; disseminating into a fountain of exuberant froth as it bounced on the shores; but you are the most tangy of them all,

The summit of the hill might be incredulously fascinating; overlooking into a fathomless myriad of breathtaking scenery; but you are the most fascinating
of them all,

The fortress of pure stone might be invincible; withstanding the most acrimonious of onslaughts with astounding solidarity; but you are the most invincible of them all,

The royally oligarchic castle might be unfathomably majestic; with its walls radiating a profusely captivating sheen under milky moonlight; but you are the most majestic of them all,

The shadow might be enigmatically enchanting; incarcerating even the most morose in its inexplicably tingling swirl; but you are the most enigmatic of them all,

The sprawling meadows of verdant grass might be romantic; surreptitiously fostering two lovers away from the monotonous world; but you are the most romantic of them all,

The webs of golden honey trickling from the beehive might be profoundly sweet; marvelously pacifying themost scorchingly traumatized throats; but you are the
most sweetest of them all,

The dream might be fantastically innovative; supremely rejuvenating the horrendously dreary nerves of the exhausted brain; but you are the most innovative of them all,

The child might be innocent; with his overwhelmingly mischievous smile imprisoning the hearts of even the most diabolically dictatorial; but you are the most innocent of them all,

The dog might be incomprehensibly faithful to his master; incessantly following him wherever he went irrespective of his mind-boggling poverty; but you are the most faithful of them all,

The breath might be insurmountably Omnipotent; instilling traces of indispensably volatile life in every organism tangible and alive; but you are the most Omnipotent of them all,

The Mother might be sacrosanct; bearing me 9 months in her celestial womb so that I could be what I was today; but you are the most sacrosanct of them all,

And the heart might be immortal; refraining to cease its fulminating battalion of beats even centuries after its death; but let me tell you O! beloved; that you were the most immortal of them all.


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