The Only Beat I Possessed

The only sound I heard all day; was your mesmerizing voice,

The only color that I fantasized all night; was that of your luscious lips,

The only objects I saw; were what you unrelentingly perceived,

The only skin that I wanted to kiss till infinity; was the one engulfing your crimson cheek,

The only writing I ardently adored; was one that exquisitely flowed from your delectable fingers,

The only relation that I profoundly acknowledged; was your magnificent and
immaculate visage,

The only food that I yearned to consume; was the one already pulverized with
your scintillating teeth,

The only scent that drowned me into waves of perpetual ecstasy; was one emanating from your ravishing hair,

The only tunes I danced too; were the passionate clapping of your dainty hands,

The only air I breathed; was the one rampantly diffusing from your nostrils,

The only mantra I chanted incessantly; was your irrefutably sacrosanct name,

The only reflection I witnessed; was the one pouring harmoniously from your
impeccable eyes,

The only agony I felt; was saline streams of water trickling down your cheek,

The only nostalgia I had for; was poignant memories of your innocuous childhood,

The only shadow that submerged me; was one that radiated majestically from
your persona,

The only exhilaration in my life; was tinkling gasps of your vivacious laughter,

The only rest I had; were your fingers silently caressing my forehead,

The only obsession I had; was your everlasting fragrance sending shivers of
rhapsody down my spine,

And the ONLY BEAT I POSSESSED; was the heart incarcerated in your chest;
throbbing turbulently the instant it sighted me; bonding me immortally in the
invincible grip of your romance.


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