The Only Don’t

Do abuse me every unfurling second; blurting a string of unheard expletives; for apparently no fault of mine,

Do slap me hard on my cheeks every day as I got up in the morning; spilling blistering tea deliberately on my daintily nimble skin,

Do thrust your foot vindictively in my way; bursting into a volley of thunderous laughter; as I fell head-on on my rubicund nose,

Do stash all your foul garbage as my pillow; evoking me to inevitably sneeze and cough all enchanting night,

Do poke out your tongue in disdainful cynicism; spitting blatantly on my scalp in front of all who wandered with alacrity on the boisterously brilliant streets,

Do shout to your absolute hearts content in my intricate ears; ruthlessly rupturing all my senses to hear and decipher melodious sound,

Do add overwhelming pints inebriating shrub in my coffee at dawn; so that I slept like a giant the entire day; while you gallivanted like a vamp through the lanes displaying your flamboyant flesh,

Do keep incessantly humming irascible tunes; disrupting my spells of intense concentration; engendering me to forget even the last work which I had spoken; just a moment ago,

Do hurl green chili in my crystalline eyes; making me intransigently emancipate blissful shades of life yielding sight,

Do pummel me hard in my robust stomach; trying your newly learnt boxing skills on me; making me gasp for huge breathfulls of precious life,

Do embarrass me to unprecedented limits as I sat in the midst of the mammoth crowd; savagely snatching the mike away from my palms; as I started to utter the
first word of my speech,

Do severe the brakes of my car as I was just about to commence for my exhilarating expedition; triggering my wagon to explode into a ball of pugnaciously golden flames; charring me to raw saw dust; as I plunged like an inconspicuous mosquito into the perilously unfathomable valley,

Do make me polish the shoes of all your friends till they glistened profoundly under sun shine; giving me only stale chunks of threadbare bread to consume for
lunch as well as midnight dinner,

Do emboss your dog’s name on my naked chest with your satanically gleaming kitchen knife; rubbing potent doses of salt on my wounds; even before they could
heal the slightest,

Do lambaste me wickedly with a scorpion whip; causing me to shriek in inexplicable anguish; making my day a treacherous nightmare along with my every night,

Do whistle flirtatiously to other boys in the street; with a mischievous twinkle on your face; even as I stared in utter disbelief,

Do give me your worn out clothes to wear; sending people in the town into uncontrollable guffaws; as they perceived me to be half a muscular man; half a
ravishing woman,

Do emulate my signature; withdrawing my entire armory of unsurpassable wealth at a single stretch from the banks; rendering me penurious; begging and bizarrely
homeless on the streets,

O.K. and while I would infact tolerate the most astronomically long and unending list of your diabolical do’s; it would be on a singular condition of my ONE AND ONLY DON’T, For that is actually not me; but my heart saying; ‘PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME”.


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