The Only Kiss.

Benign was the rhythm of eternal mankind; Omnipotently diffusing the fragrance of unflinching solidarity; for times immemorial,

Melodious was the rhythm of the dainty waterfall; disseminating into an island of unbelievably rhapsodic froth; every unfurling instant of the day,

Omniscient was the rhythm of the flamboyantly blistering Sun; filtering a path of vibrant optimism; through the life of even the most derogatorily shivering organism alive,

Cacophonic was the rhythm of the discordantly croaking frogs; perniciously infiltrating the blissful atmosphere; with an ominous web of disparagingly
dissatisfied sounds,

Impoverished was the rhythm of the treacherously coldblooded devils; savagely massacring holistic civilizations; to spuriously satiate their tastebuds with innocuously sacred blood,

Ruthless was the rhythm of the unsparingly slicing knife; uncouthly excoriating even the most immaculate of entities; to insidiously gleam well past the heart of devilish midnight,

Ingratiating was the rhythm of the stupendously redolent flower; blossoming into a festoon of marvelously exotic scent; every unleashing minute under perennially golden sunshine,

Ubiquitous was the rhythm of gloriously altruistic humanity; unassailably bonding every human irrespective of caste; creed or worthless color; in the stream of compassionate sharing; charismatically alike,

Phlegmatic was the rhythm of the reticently pot-bellied tortoise; languidly feasting under the profoundly enchanting rays of Sun; blissfully snoozing under its obdurate shell; even in the most horrendously vicious of maelstroms,

Rebellious was the rhythm of the brutally incarcerated scorpion; venomously swirling its tail in infinite circles; to whomsoever who dared glimpse its gruesomely tyrannized form,

Enigmatic was the rhythm of the flirtatiously dancing spider; interweaving a tale of majestic artistry; criscrossing through a paradise of boundless silk and sheen,

Blazing was the rhythm of the patriotically intrepid soldier; fearlessly embarking upon a mission to relinquish even the very last iota of his breath; for the sake of his magnificently sacrosanct motherland,

Garrulous was the rhythm of the indefatigably chattering monkey; rambunctiously perpetuating tranquil carpets of the resplendent forests; with an unfathomable valley of vivacious sounds,

Shrewd was the rhythm of the manipulative tycoon; who hideously weaved a trail of artificially sardonic sweetness round all his employees; to eventually extricate the maximum of his bombastic choice,

Panoramic was the rhythm of the vividly whistling clouds; euphorically surging forward to jubilantly bask in the glory; of unprecedentedly satiny timelessness,

Impeccable was the rhythm of the freshly born child; divinely replenishing even the most sordidly shattered of hearts; with the Omnipresent mantra of vibrantly
titillating life,

Tantalizing was the rhythm of the chirpily nubile maiden; culminating into a downpour of torrentially everlasting sensuousness; on every nimble step that
she sacredly tread,

Perpetual was the rhythm of fabulously fecund breath; astoundingly spawning a township of ever-pervading newness; in each cranny of the earth that it magically

Irrefutable was the rhythm of unequivocally Godly truth; pioneering a Universe of unending prosperity; in the soul of whomsoever who unflinchingly harbored

Passionate was the rhythm of the unconquerable thundering heart; fulminating into a sky of amiable togetherness more vociferously; as the day sped into the regally iridescent night,

And immortal was the rhythm of symbiotically melanging love; existing as the most priceless flame of life; existing as the only kiss that could invincibly kick
death forever away.


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