The Only Sounds!

Some said that the present instant was the most rhapsodically fantastic instant; while some said that they were bountifully better of waiting for the golden rays of optimistic tomorrow,

Some said that the most exhilarating mission of their life was to kiss the peerless apogee of Everest; while some said that they found inimitable heaven sauntering amiably
on fathomlessly plain ground,

Some said that there wasn’t a thing as unassailable as the punctiliously plush interiors of the corporate office; while some said that the spirit of uninhibitedly untamed poetry was the most eternally fructifying in the chapter of resplendently enigmatic life,

Some said that the Universe had metamorphosed into a vindictively concrete jungle; while some said they salvaged perpetual pride taking blissful refuge in their
unflinchingly venerated mother soil,

Some said that the most compassionate warmth on this earth was in the womb of your divinely mother; while some said that sensuously endless fantasy was their profusely
sole passion to survive,

Some said that the holistic vegetable was the most appetizing meal; while some said that the brutally emaciated ravines of their stomach could be miraculously placated by nothing else but unfathomably tantalizing chicken soup,

Some said that rebirth was responsible for their vividly exultating existence today; while some said that there was nothing but scientific laws that evolved every living organism boundlessly on this unbelievably enthralling planet,

Some said that unassailable truth was the only panacea to survive; while some said that unprecedented degrees of subterfuge and prejudice had to be adapted in order to breathe amidst the diabolically commercial retrace today,

Some said that unlimited success was their only mission to live; while some said that the waves of celestial contentment majestically spawned even the most infinitesimal ingredient of their scarlet blood,

Some said that the cradle of innocuous childhood was the most spellbindingly insuperable gift of life; while some said that ruling the world as its most mature and unparalleled conqueror was what they were born for,

Some said that all they yearned for was voluptuously titillating clouds of perennial rain; while some said that rolling tirelessly in the aridly arcane and indefatigably grandiloquent desert sands; was what each bone of their body vociferously demanded,

Some said that the policy of live and let live was the most ultimate of the Omnipotent Creator’s commands; while some said that Survival of the fittest was what he had expected out of every construable entity on this fathomless planet,

Some said that the lines poignantly embodied on the palm scrupulously maneuvered everyone’s destiny; while some said that intransigently dedicated hard work could change even the most brilliantly fortuned stars,

Some said that they wanted to take an infinite births for the sake of their heavenly beloved; while some said that this singular life of theirs was an unsolicitedly acrimonious thorn in their hindside,

Some said that the only dream that lingered in the whites of their eyes was devilishly decrepit politics; while some said that they longed to unfurl every minute of their lives as a diminutively humble common man,

Some said that the wings of egalitarian freedom should be bestowed upon every echelon of the society alike; while some said that all should exist as rustically cannibalistic and mating wolves as during the time; when the earth was first born,

Some said that the entire beauty of this vibrantly panoramic Universe could be encompassed in a barren canvas of plain white; while some said that a single
life was just a speck of lackadaisically malnourished nothingness; for admiring the marvels of God’s blessed earth,

Some said that money could virtually buy everything in the 21st century on this inexhaustible globe; while some said that the inferno of love was the most
magnetically unceasing elixir on which this entire world survived,

And some said this; while some said that; but believe it or not; neither did I have the time to hear; neither could I utter an invisibly single word; neither did I have the time to meticulously comprehend; neither could I budge the periphery of my tongue even an ethereal trifle,

As both my lips were unconquerably interlocked with the lips of my immortal beloved; and the only sounds which we could hear; speak or execute; were the sounds
of love; love and nothing but unshakably eternal and royal love!


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