The Only Thing That My Heart Could Beat For

The only thing that my eyes could ever sight was her mesmerizing form; whether they were open or tightly closed,

The only thing that my ears could ever hear were her daintily approaching footsteps; no matter how thunderous was the outside world and traffic,

The only thing that my nose could ever smell was the enchanting fragrance emanating from her arms; the ravishing aroma entrenched in her breath,

The only thing that my tongue could ever speak was her sacrosanct name; fervently iterating each alphabet infinite number of times,

The only thing that my hands were ever able to touch was the contours of her silken hair; with the passionate scent embodied therein catapulting me to the most supreme point of ecstasy,

The only thing that my mind could ever envisage was her emphatic eyes; with I finding myself drowning in the river of fantasy flowing perpetually inside,

The only thing that my feet were ever able to caress as they tread on earth was her shadow; as no matter wherever I went; it followed me with incessant relent,

The only thing that my nails were ever able to scratch was the lining of flirtatious dirt on her neck; intricately tracing in it my near future to unveil,

The only thing that my teeth were ever able to chew was her lips; painstakingly suckling the honey from the recesses deep inside,

The only thing that my skin was ever able to feel was her velvety touch; with her fingers groping uncontrollably across my tanned chest,

The only thing that my shoulders were ever able to carry was her delectably body; bearing her weight with an immortal smile; even under the most sizzling rays of the Sun,

The only thing that my sweat could ever drench was her shimmering and petite stomach; as I curled myself like an infant to blend with its compassionate warmth,

The only thing that my lips could ever smile for was her celestial silhouette as she lay under the moon; appreciate for eternity the gestures she made inadvertently
while rolling deep sleep,

The only thing that my blood could ever flow for was to protect her from any possible evil lurking around; donate it to whomsoever she ordered me to; without
the slightest of opposition,

The only thing that my efforts could ever yield was the essence of what she taught; listening attentively at all times to the pearls of wisdom that she showered from her mouth,

The only thing that my mouth could ever recount was the story when she was born; the unprecedented happiness she brought into my life; the day she met me,

The only thing that my lids could ever blink for was to make her smile; evacuate her out from the state of intermittent gloom; that she sometimes found herself confronted with,

And the only thing that my heart could ever beat for was her love; trying to capsize her entity in each of its palpitation; in complete; mind, body and spirit.


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