The Perfect Male Attire

Gloves of sensuality; to caress the skin with unprecedented relish; send shivers of untamed exhilaration down the spine,

Shoes of invincible victory; marching on the remotest of land; waving the flag of triumph in flamboyant spurts of fervor,

A tie blended with flirtatious mischief; used to blindfold the eyes in wholesome entirety,

A watch of incessant speed; ticking indefatigably round the clock; in wee hours of the midnight; as well as in the peak of the brilliantly sunlit day,

A shirt of stupendously woven designs; ruffled majestically at the collar; to captivate the attention of every ravishingly wandering damsel,

A necklace of daintily scintillating pearls; extracted freshly from the oyster; drowning every entity in the ocean of its profoundly pearly shine,

A pair of astoundingly stitched socks; imparting compassionate warmth to the feet; enticing every eye towards the petite leg,

A tantalizing shade of mystical mascara; conjuring every breathing soul around with the magic in its enigmatic charm,

A trouser of pure jute; with mesmerizing rings of denim and golden buttons to engulf the sensuous belly,

Rings of holistic diamond shimmering in tandem on the finger; painstakingly luring every fairy in the unfathomable resplendence of its shine,

A perfume of exotic sandalwood shrub; wafting a supremely seductive aura from the perspiring armpits,

An oil that glistens even under placid rays of the moon; radiates boisterously in pugnacious daylight,

A belt studded profusely with delectable biscuits of opalescent silver; granting the visage a terrifically marvelous shape, keeping the entire demeanor in perfectly synchronized condition,

Sunglasses embodied with vivid fossil shells; engendering females to gasp in open mouthed consternation; metamorphosing the acerbic color of polluted air into enchanting green,

An oligarchic coat embellished with royally sculptured beads; standing out incredulously amongst the group the wild gypsies,

A fountain of redolent rose powder; lingering voluptuously on the robust cheeks; flooding the nose with a poignantly tangy freshness,

An overwhelmingly spiffy hairstyle; and each follicle of the scalp impregnated with rudimentary grass root oil,

Ornamental cufflinks to bond the sleeves; sometimes an alluring tool for visitors to sight their own reflection; admire themselves till timeless eternity,

A grandiloquent pen fitted dexterously to the waist coat pocket; a symbol of unprecedented sophistication; and signing a plethora of autographs on every lady’s

Was all that I required to dress in from head to inconspicuous toe; encompass my body in the most fascinating clothing that I could ever dream off or intransigently perceive; infact what I would like to term succinctly as THE PERFECT MALE ATTIRE.


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