The Perfect Swim

When I swam in the blistering ocean of golden Sun; infinite arenas of my body
got disastrously charred,
Indispensable centers of breath in my body got strangulated; and I relinquished breath with great gasps of disbelief.

When I swam in the molten ocean of iridescent moon; there was a temperate
warmth that engulfed my persona,
The immaculate white color submerged me in entirety; and I felt uncannily distraught as gaseous clouds obliterated my gaze.

When I swam in a tank of bubbling acid; there were incoherent screams that emanated from my mouth,
The radiant complexion of my skin transited to briquettes of coal; and the color of my luscious lips now resembled that of my scalp hair.

When I swam in a river replete with frosty milk; I cupidly devoured huge mouthfuls of the same,
I emerged out exuberantly fresh after the swim; only to be attacked by a battalion of red ant and fish.

When I swam in icy streams; accumulated at the base of the snow clad alps,
The formidable fortress of my teeth commenced to repulsively clatter; and I vociferously sneezed my nose; after a few seconds of my swim.

When I swam in volatile electricity; my demeanor got stabbed with a volley of
brutal shock,
Clusters of hair stood on my intricate scalp; and I stared dumbfounded at the
scenario in utter bewilderment.

When I swam in a silver ocean of slippery mercury; I rolled for marathon
distances without flexing my jugglery of muscles,
Although when inadvertently some of it slipped into mouth; the blood abruptly
froze in my veins; with my persona transforming to a deathly crystal blue.

When I swam in blotted water blended with traces of obnoxious sewage; a fetid
stench flooded my nostrils,
A fleet of disdainful cockroach clambered up my shirt; and the municipality
dumped me like a piece of discarded garbage.

When I swam in a curry of chalk powder; I had to put onerous effort to keep afloat,
There was a severe itching in the moist pearls of my eye; and people mistook me for a comedian of the highest fraternity.

And eventually when I swam in bunch of her silken hair; I felt drowned in the
savage sea of her perpetual love,
I wanted this swim to go on for times immemorial; and I found this to be the most perfect swim.


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