The Perfect Temperature

When I stepped on the tranquil surface of opalescent moon,
The temperature that engulfed me was up to levels of sustainable endurance; though I felt a trifle uneasy.

When I trespassed through the territory of blistering Sun,
The temperature was astronomical degrees above boiling; transforming my supple
flesh into briquettes of charred ash.

When I walked through densely sprawled meadows of the wild forest,
The temperature that encompassed my silhouette; was stringently fluctuating;
with the perilous night air stabbing my chest.

When I tread on the snow clad summit of the jagged mountain range,
The temperature prevalent dipped abysmally below freezing; instantly solidifying volatile blood in my veins.

When I plummeted marathon feet under the surface of sky blue sea,
The temperature I encountered was disdainfully cold; and I felt imprisoned;
draped in a jugglery of water jacket blended with my facial mask of transparent glass.

When I ambled languidly through the scorching soil of the vast desert,
The temperature that existed was abnormally erratic; with hot winds piercing me in the day; and equally cold air strangulating my breath at night.

When I audaciously entered the cock pit of an aircraft,
The temperature inside was tailored to ergonomic degrees of comfort; with the
pilot emanating hostile stare towards my demeanor.

When I ran at rollicking speeds through an island of molten lava,
The temperature in vicinity was like sizzling cakes of overburnt stone; chapping the dainty soles of my feet in entirety.

When I rolled ecstatically on infinite blades of grass; laden with a fresh cover of glistening dewdrops,
The temperature that radiated; sent shivers down my spine; being a bit too exaggerated for amicable comfort.

And eventually when I embraced her body in my arms; with a vise like grip,
The temperature this time; was splendidly perfect; incarcerating the two of us in bondage of perennial love.


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