The Rubber Man

I erased bulky manuscripts of scribbled literature,
assassinated traces of the strongest chalk smeared on wall,
bounced with boisterous pliability on the surface of hard ground,
squirmed with nonchalant ease through tiny openings of sewage pipe,
clambered up erect walls of the edifice with scrupulous proficiency,
didn’t diffuse into splinters when thrown from unprecedented heights of clock tower,
traversed metal roads of the city at incredible speeds,
disentangled my body from the tightest rope and steel,
floated gently when laid on undulating waters of the savage ocean,
wasn’t fastidious at all about the food i consumed,
neither did i get engulfed in waves of dirt; staying immaculate without
antiseptic baths,
had the uncanny ability to fit in all types of cloth,
pilfering into sealed vaults of bank; stripped of articulate keys,
i didn’t bleed a trifle when pierced by gleaming jackknives,
i didn’t transit to charred ash when burnt in boiling flames,
i didn’t suffocate to death when strangulated by barbed wire,
i didn’t vanish to heavenly isolation when divested of food and water,
bubbling with robust energy even when deprived of a placid nights sleep,
working like a maniac all 24 hours of the grueling day,
i made people laugh, existing for centuries on the pious soil of earth,
a life complete with vibrant euphoria, bereft of dark shadows of ostentation,
you must be wondering; whether i was god or an celestial angel,
let me tell you folks that i was neither of the two,
i was infact made of pure slices of intricate rubber,
extracted in abundance from white streams of latex dribbling down the rubber tree.


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