The Sacrosanct Star

The gallant star with perpetual shades of white on its coat,
Glitters through the darkness of the amicable night,
An envelope of pitch dark cosmos surrounds it,
Its blessed with a virtue of blatant intimacy,
Staying united amidst a constellation of planet,
Shy and late in announcing its presence in the sky,
The stars all in a blithe,
To give nourishing effects of gliding kites.

The earth’s surface reflected on it,
Goes through the web of exotic desire,
Overcoming thunderous whirlwinds and tumblers of rain,
Standing firmly where no else dares.

The stars take position in a tinge of black and blue,
Sticking to the sky like impregnable glue,
Suction occurs through their entire structure,
The emphatic feeling yet to come.


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