The Scary Tarantula

The ambience was moistened with sweat and fresh rain,
darkness prevailed at all quarters,
soft car seat was reclined to full angularity,
cluster of lotus flower petal imparted heavenly fragrance,
lid of olive perfume bottle was left ajar,
sheets of turbulent wind had left the windows painted with dust,
plush upholstery gleamed in airtight interiors,
grocery baskets were stashed in the back seat,
a black bodied insect seemed to be crawling on the windshield,
with an army of hairy legs kissing the bullet proof glass,
the tarantula finally decided to perch for the night,
in hidden enclosures of the rear view glass panel.

she haughtily stepped in the car,
beaming at the prospect of driving through the misty valley,
switched on the sleek stereo system,
drove with the enchanting air hitting her pale skin,
drowned completely in tantalizing tunes of Caribbean music.

there was a loud honking sound, a goods caravan seemed to overtake,
she cast routine glances at the rear assembly of mirror,
the ghastly sight she witnessed sent chills down the last bone of her spine,
occasional bumps and winding turns had disturbed the spider,
jostled it wide awake from lazy realms of blissful sleep,
the foot long monster now emitted hostile stares at the young lady,
showed first signs of slow movement,
now fully alert after few hours of revitalizing rest.

she cried at the top of her weak lungs for help,
infinite goose-bumps emanated from her body,
her fingers trembled convulsively, with equal impact on her dainty feet,
the car finally swerved violently,
lost sensible degrees of control as she went into partial trance,
crashed into splinters of side hand rail,
went tumbling down the steep valley at electric speeds,
as the tarantula advanced a few inches further.


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