The Scientist

Blue lotions of liquid bubbled in gas flames,
large quantity of acid lay still in crucibles of hard plastic,
molecules of sweet sugar were scattered on the floor,
silky webs of spider clung to steep corners of the roof,
group of white mice ran helter -skelter at instants of heavy foot steps,
warm rays of the sun shone through the window pane,
silver mercury outlines looked enchanting in spiral testutbes,
finely crushed rock samples were stored in transparent carboys,
gold rimmed half glass caressed his triangular nose,
the scientist was in a spell of intense concentration,
with bulky sheets of printed paper buried under his chin.

innovative ideas shot through meticulous chambers of his mind,
scented sweat dripped from infinite pores of body,
square fingers with uncut nails worked in passionate fury,
blending a variety of volatile liquid,
melting wax paper with brittle chunks of chrome metal,
coating charred stone with aromatic spirit,
he had several inventions to his credit,
but this one was straight from top drawers of his brain,
as he smeared a long slender broomstick,
with a queer smelling ointment made from bird feather and ostrich egg,
the dead broomstick displayed first signs of newly found life,
rose a few inches from the concrete floor,
whistled past the open window glass,
high up in the clear blue sky with rollicking bursts of pumped speed.


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