The Sea Of Love

When I was drowning in a sea of grease; I felt severely asphyxiated,
Indispensable breath seemed to be relinquishing my body fast; I also felt the
unbearable stench inundate my nose.

When I was drowning in a sea of blood; I felt a sickening feeling strangulate
my intestines,
There was a deathly red color that camouflaged my vision in entirety; and the
desire to live now seemed to be dwindling in my persona.

When I was drowning in a sea of fuming acid; umpteenth pores on my skin got
horrendously charred,
I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer; the heat finally overpowered me choking my breath.

When I was drowning in a sea of silvery sand; clogged balls of mud stuck
intransigently to my silhouette,
The colossal burden of soil seemed preposterously bulky to bear; and I emancipated breath with loud sighs and groans.

When I was drowning in a sea of red wine; I initially relished the aroma and
ravishing taste,
However as minutes unleashed themselves rapidly; the same elixir became a
profound nuisance; and I succumbed disparagingly.

When I was drowning in a sea of obnoxious petrol; the gasoline left me
helpless with a piquant feeling,
I prayed to the creator for granting me reprieve from my plethora of misdeeds;
but in the end halted my cells from functioning after entering rampantly in my

When I was drowning in a sea of pressurized gas; the vapors initially made me dreary,
Painstakingly catapulted my demeanor to heights of complete unconsciousness; and leading to ghastly death.

When I was drowning in a sea of white electricity; a battalion of insidious sparks caressed me with vindication,
I got instantly electrocuted; and didn’t even have the time to reminisce my past.

When I was drowning in a sea of hatred blended profusely with corruption; nefarious deeds of the society plundering heavily on my conscience,
I forcefully closed my breath refraining to live any further; although the world did give me a slim chance.

And eventually when I was drowning in a sea of love; her eyelashes tickling my forehead,
The incense of her love igniting undiscovered passion in my body; I lived; and
not only did I live; I now dictated and preached the same to all I encountered in the tenure of my life.


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