The Seeds Of Love

The Sun might inundate every cranny of this boundlessly mesmerizing Universe; with fireballs of its blazingly optimistic light; sizzling in the corridors of untamed glory for centuries immemorial,
But it was the rays of Omnipotent hope that poignantly diffused from your eyes; which metamorphosed me from a bundle of orphaned hopelessness; to the most opulently philanthropic man alive.

The flower might perpetuate every iota of this fathomlessly enchanting Universe; with its ingratiatingly voluptuous scent; triggering waves of rhapsody in the lives of those submerged with horrific despair,
But it was the insatiably marvelous fragrance that uninhibitedly disseminated from your visage; which made me rise from the inconspicuously ghastly ashes;
making me impregnably feel that I was blissfully alive.

The mountains might formidably defend every organism on this majestically endless Universe; with the unbelievably Herculean strength in their towering arms,
But it was the overwhelmingly unsurpassable fortitude in your vibrant voice; which engendered me to irrefutably conquer every benign mission; in the tenure of my disastrously impoverished life.

The oceans might boundlessly pacify the thirst of one and all on this exotically gigantic Universe; with the ebulliently tangy water undulating in their timeless
But it was the unfathomable reservoir of golden sweat that profusely dribbled from your divinely skin; which landed me in waves of supremely celestial contentment;
miraculously uplifted me from dungeons of malicious depravation and ominously vicious boredom.

The forests might incomprehensibly deluge every wind on this royally resplendent Universe; with the never-ending mysticism in their; enigmatically swirling persona,
But it was the ravishingly untamed charisma that piquantly unraveled each time you swished your tantalizing hair; which made me romanticize in the aisles of unprecedented desire; for infinite more births of mine; yet to unveil.

The breeze might fantastically envelop every portion of this gorgeously titillating Universe; with magically augmenting exuberance; trapped in even the most minuscule element of its gusty swirl,
But it was the air that gloriously fulminated from your sacrosanct nostrils; which bequeathed upon me the perennial tenacity to exist beyond my times; wonderfully bestowing upon me my ultimate status in; scintillating life.

The bees might beautifully sprinkle every space on this ubiquitously flowering Universe; with insurmountable waterfalls of melodiously appeasing honey,
But it was the heavenly sweetness in your Omnisciently harmonious voice; which granted me the most symbiotically bountiful endowment in my indigently stumbling life; made an invincible winner in every benevolent conquest of survival.

The robust fruits of Nature might tangily enshroud every trajectory on this magnificently euphoric Universe; with an ardor to ebulliently transcend over all despicable hunger and bizarre starvation,
But it was the Omnipresent philosophies of your impeccably glowing soul; which were the eternally placating food; for my lecherously monotonous and satanically rugged life.

And the heavens might endow every tangible and intangible atom on this alluringly embellished Universe; with vivacious spurts of boisterously charming life,
But it was the seeds of love in your immortally throbbing heart; which propelled me to proliferate countless more of my kind; be reborn again and again and again; every time the earth spawned out of obfuscated oblivion; to serve all humanity and living;
delightfully alike.


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