The Sound Of The Heart

The sound of barking dogs brought alongwith it; overwhelming morbidity; a wave of heinous viciousness; that indefatigably triggered you to explore the cannibal entrapped in your conscience,

The sound of cascading rain brought alongwith it; tantalizing spurts of rhapsody; making you euphorically gallop forward in the scintillating exuberance of vibrant life,

The sound of the whistling train brought alongwith it; the untamed spirit of exhilarating adventure; when you traversed like a king; incessantly
embarking upon an expedition of sparkling newness,

The sound of the falling leaves brought alongwith it; a nostalgically forlorn feeling of dilapidation; as you uncontrollably withered in destructive imagery; regretfully shunning all corridors of optimistic hope and bountiful cheer,

The sound of the fulminating volcano brought alongwith it; a tumultuously vindictive wave of malicious prejudice; as you sizzled in the unremitting heat of abhorrent war and parasitic vice,

The sound of the melodious nightingale brought alongwith it; a wind of stupendously everlasting calm; blissfully soothing the unfathomable mountain of your bizarrely frazzled senses; with the ointment of insatiable empathy,

The sound of the winking eyelids brought alongwith it; ardent fireballs of mischievous flirtation; as you surreptitiously philandered behind the Sun soaked
hills; with the seductively nubile maidens of your choice,

The sound of the roaring lion brought alongwith it; unassailably flamboyant domination; as you blazed more tenaciously than the orange oven of Sun; basking in
the unsurpassable glory of your benign success,

The sound of the chirping sparrow brought alongwith it; ebulliently ecstatic jubilation; instilling in you the uninhibited freedom to envelop yourself in fervent
carpets of unending boisterousness,

The sound of the gurgling fountain brought alongwith it; harmoniously symbiotic prosperity; which unequivocally taught you to embrace all tribes irrespective of religion; caste; creed; in synergistic unison; and alike,

The sound of the majestic eagle brought alongwith it; unprecedented puffs of enthrallment; a perennial desire in you to royally soar through the golden
entrenchment of clouds; breathed in the mists of desire for times immemorial,

The sound of marching soldiers brought alongwith it; cloudbursts of irrefutably glorious patriotism; an intrinsically overpowering sensation in your persona;
to unflinchingly fight for your sacrosanct motherland,

The sound of ticking clock brought alongwith it; a fathomless civilization of endless meticulousness; impregnating in you the sagacious pragmatism; to diligently execute all your duties of the enigmatically unveiling day,

The sound of the unruly crow brought alongwith it; an unrelenting ocean of mortifying disgrace; as you felt like abnegating every iota of charisma and glorious charm; forever from the innermost recesses of your impoverished demeanor,

The sound of the reverberating lightening brought alongwith it; perpetually augmenting and magnetic excitement; as you felt the inferno of titillating yearning rise like new born infant; bubbling like white fire through every ingredient of your crimson blood,

The sound of singing children brought alongwith it; impeccably satiny righteousness; profoundly incinerating in you the immaculate light of timeless innocence; to be alive as the ultimate harbinger of benign humanity,

The sound of indolent pigs brought alongwith it; fading horizons of languidly decaying and capricious nothingness; as a arrow of wastrel insignificance perpetuated you from all sides; inevitably drawing each bone of your dreary countenance; towards a world
of sleep and stinkingly greasy dirt,

The sound of passionate breath brought alongwith it; an unconquerable dawn of resplendently proliferating evolution; triggering in you the most priceless desire
to live; and astoundingly procreate boundless more of your own holistic kind,

And the sound of thunderous heartbeats brought alongwith it; an immortally everlasting sky of glistening love; which not only encapsulated you; but the entire living kind; in irrefutably invincible threads of ever-pervading humanity.


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