The Spearhead Of Love

As much as it overwhelmingly separates,
It bonds you immortally beyond the most passionate realms of your enchanting imagination.

As much as it rises like a fulminating volcano; infinite kilometers above the clouds,
It uninhibitedly embraces even the most impoverished of entity; enlightening the gloomy corridors of desperation with its glorious festoon of optimistic rays.

As much as it pacifies like white ice; to the most ultimate of the hearts content,
It ignites untamed infernos of turbulent desire; metamorphosing pathetically dwindling souls; into entities with an infinite lives.

As much as it absorbs the overwhelmingly poignant emotion lingering in the atmosphere,
It disseminates the spirit of friendship; indefatigably all across the surface of this
fathomless planet.

As much as it strikes inexplicably like torrential downpours of vivacious lava,
It promises you a life more blissful than the divine; fortifying its foundations of benevolent humanity astoundingly by the unveiling minute.

As much as it makes room for every conceivable fantasy to circulate intriguingly in the mind,
It harnesses your every goal into a perpetual reality; catapulting you to the most astronomical summit of scintillating success.

As much as it perseveres unrelentingly all night and each instant of the uncouthly sweltering day,
It transits you into a land of stupendous care and empathy; a paradise where you experience the most enthralling ingredients of a complete life.

As much as it tantalizes the most pragmatic beyond the dormitories of sagacious control,
It makes you believe in every step you take; propelling you to intrepidly defend the unsurpassable battalion of obstacles that confronted you; insidiously in your way.

As much as it bequeaths upon you a tenacity of having wholesomely led countless lives,
It takes you back to the first cry of your infantile life; making you bounce rhapsodically in the sacrosanct lap of your mother.

And as much as it melts you in the enigmatic trail of profusely charismatic seduction,
It unites you with every tangible and intangible element on this gigantic earth; granting you the ultimate status of being addressed as a human; granting you the right to love; to being loved; and being possessed by it; the spearhead of love.


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