The Tale Of A Car Tyre

The inflated swell of vehicular rubber,
Was with soft rectangular indentations,
Held captive in circular hollow of the tyre,
Traversed speedily along compact metallic roads,
Crushing dry leaves; trampling unkempt wild weeds,
Fixed and stuck to metallic plates,
With radiating spikes; midget spokes of corrugated steel,
Maneuvering sharply across a landscape of barren concrete,
With deft strokes to the driving wheel,
Firm slanted pressure to the compressible gas pedal,
And skillful articulate movement of the gear shit machinery,
The tyre treads raced through wet mud roads,
Leaving behind trails of woven patterns,
Resembling dead sticks of rotten sugarcane,
As a sudden whirring noise encapsulated the atmosphere,
Tons of dust blew; silencing the crux of exuberant activity,
Brakes wailed in cacophonic unison,
Tyre chunks bled against the mass of hardened mud,
Creating asymmetrical rings of disdainful dust,
The main culprit being;
A cluster of iron pins; in hot agony,
Strewn in randomly savage proportions,
Waiting to trap innocent prey of vehicular rubber,
Inserting themselves into the thickened rubber flesh,
Squeezing out macro plumage of air mass; exhausting it to the last drop,
Rendering the spongy sheath of charismatic rubber,
Into distorted piles of mangled junk.


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