The Talking

For the blissfully fructifying trees; it was the astounding festoon of marvelously enchanting green leaves; which did the vividly mesmerizing and sprightly talking,

For the fathomlessly silken skies; it was the handsomely crimson puffs of
untamed clouds; which did the inscrutably reinvigorating and compassionate

For the vividly exuberant oceans; it was the spell bindingly tangy swirl of the frosty waves; which did the uninhibitedly boisterous and triumphant talking,

For the robustly harmonious body; it was the perpetually quintessential streams of scarlet blood; which did the timelessly humanitarian and victorious talking,

For the resplendently enamoring rose; it was the celestially unparalleled fragrance; which did the pricelessly unconquerable and wonderfully divine talking,

For the endlessly virile soil; it was the magically sprouting fruit; which did the unbelievably altruistic and bounteously symbiotic talking,

For the indomitably towering mountain; it was the inimitably fantastic epitome of unity; which did the unsurpassably amiable and intrepidly replenishing talking,

For the intricately nimble palms; it was the astoundingly mystical labyrinth
of destiny lines; which did the inexplicably rhapsodic and ebulliently stupefied talking,

For the limitlessly royal deserts; it were the enchanting undulations of sands; which did the boundlessly surreal and tantalizingly unceasing talking,

For the ingeniously inexhaustible brain; it was the unassailable reservoir of fantasy; which did the effulgently melodious and fearlessly sensuous talking,

For the pristinely sacrosanct cow; it was the impeccably insuperable cistern of milk; which did the righteously untainted and undefeatedly truthful talking,

For the emphatically dancing eye; it was incredulously heartwarming river of
affable moisture; which did the ardently coalescing and uninhibitedly blessed talking,

For the Omnipotently blistering Sun; it was the amazingly unfettered rays of
freedom; which did the brilliantly liberated and timelessly infallible talking,

For the articulately evolving Artist; it was the beautifully honest soul; which did the unfathomably majestic and pricelessly synergistic talking,
For the indefatigably patriotic Soldier; it was the virtue of perennially indomitable fearlessness; which did the victoriously jubilant and peerlessly liberated talking,

For the Omnisciently venerated Mother; it was the freshly born infant; which
did the tirelessly euphoric and everlastingly enchanting talking,

For the inebriated nubile Maiden; it was the torrential cloudburst of sensuousness; which did the seductively captivating and gloriously titillating talking,

For the chapter of unendingly proliferating life; it was unconquerably endowing breath; which did the spell bindingly gracious and philanthropically ameliorating talking,

And for the Omnipresently true love; it was the unabashedly Godly heartbeat;
which did the Immortally victorious and endlessly procreating talking.


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