The Thing I Feared The Most

When I transgressed through the soil of scorching desert; with the sun blazing
down my nape in full radiance,
The thing I feared the most was the insatiable desire for water; which kept
overpowering me when I knew there were no resources available.

When I was sleeping blissfully in the night; with mystical reveries besieging
my mind,
The thing I feared the most; was rambunctious noise jolting me wide awake from
my celestial siesta.

When I was chopping the trunk of corrugated tree; utilizing the full tenacity
of my wrists,
The thing I feared the most; was the blade of my axe acquiring incongruous
rust; emancipating its sharpness.

When I was swimming through placid waters of the river; with lavender coated
petals of lotus drifting past my nose,
The thing I feared the most; was turbulent waves pervading the still waters;
disrupting the synchrony of my swim.

When I was traveling up the monumental edifice in an elevator; sighting
spacious dwellings now as condensed matchboxes,
The thing I feared the most; was the intricate coil of lift brusquely
snapping; and the contraption hurling at full speeds towards the stony

When I was driving my car at swashbuckling speeds through picturesque slopes;
feasting my eyes on a backdrop of panoramic waterfalls,
The thing I feared the most; was the twin brakes failing and the automobile
wildly careening into the treacherous valley.

When I was nibbling rustic berries; plucking them in clusters from the
vivaciously swirling jungle tree,
The thing I feared the most; was the likelihood of the fruit being savagely
poisoned; having the ghastly potential of causing death.

When I embellished my persona with grandiloquent slabs of glittering gold;
wore jingling necklaces studded with an armory of scintillating diamonds,
The thing I feared the most; was the brutal onslaught of robbers viciously
tearing apart my wealth.

When I diligently working on the contemporary computer; with the fluorescent
light of the screen infiltrating my eyes,
The thing that I feared the most; was a host of obnoxious virus permeating the
software; assassinating all the files I had scrupulously stored.

When I was shivering incessantly in winter winds; the partition of my teeth
clattering inevitably,
The thing I feared the most; was the snow precipitating from the skies;
exacerbating my condition still further.

And when I was with my beloved; encompassed in the warmth of her arms; the
essence of her breath inundating me with unprecedented happiness,
The thing I feared the most; was the creator taking her far away from me; as I
knew there was no other power existing on earth; that could try and possibly
separate us.


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