The Thing I Hated The Most

When I was driving my car through the meandering hills; feasting on the
panoramic view of the mystical valley,
The thing I hated the most was a incessant flurry of dense traffic; halting
the unprecedented flow of fantasy in my mind.

When I was swimming exuberantly in frothy waves of the ocean; taking the
sizzling rays of the sun directly on my skin,
The thing I hated the most was the onslaught of inclement weather; compounded
with swirling waters; which made me return back to the shore.

When I was studying diligently under the gloomy night lamp; pouring rapidly
through infinite lines of fine script,
The thing I hated the most was pertinent voices of the neighbors; the discordant cacophony of the ticking clock.

When I was jogging across the sprawling race track; stupendously relishing the
cool morning breeze striking my eyes,
The thing I hated the most was obnoxious wisps of smoke in the atmosphere; and
the lace of my shoe getting entangled every now and then.

When I was painting exquisite shapes of the hill on a white canvas; executing
vivacious strokes with my rustic brush,
The thing I hated the most was blotches of squalid dirt smudging with the
color; pelting showers of rain prompting me to conceal my work.

When I was fervently viewing my favorite television program; with my feet well
rested; and a festoon of fried chips lying by my side,
The thing I hated the most was violent fluctuation in voltage; which caused
the images to ludicrously flicker in the screen.

When I was consuming a barrel of red wine; slurping the elixir with animated
sips of satisfaction,
The thing I hated the most was the authorities catching me red handed; evacuating the alcohol out of me; by beating me black and blue.

When I was playing an intense game of chess; articulately maneuvering my
pieces through the checkered squares,
The thing I hated the most was illegal moves by my opponent; which eventually
led him to win the game.

When I was about to commence on an adventurous expedition; accompanied
by hordes of my class mates,
The thing I hated the most was intermittent bouts of cold and fever; which
instigated my parents to incorrigibly hold me back.

When I was earnestly praying to the almighty; with my arms crossed; eyes
focused in tumultuous concentration,
The thing I hated the most was uncouth criminals bombarding the vicinity;
permeating the sacrosanct ambience with ghastly sounds.

And when I was with my beloved; my face nestling passionately against her
broad shoulder,
The thing I hated the most was orthodox society hindering our romance; proving
a deplorable barricade in the path of our immortal love.


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