The Titanic

The sheets had never been slept on,
the china ware glittered like pure gold,
the blankets were of Persian wool,
the tables were built of solid teak,
the paintings were exquisitely sketched,
the brass handles had no smudges,
the mirrors shone in brilliant radiance,
the upholstery was ergonomically plush,
the boiler rooms were a bustle of feverish activity,
the clock tower had silver needles,
the auditorium echoed with catholic rhymes,
the first class chambers were somber sophistication,
the workers room flowed with beer and dance,
the lifts well oiled, carried people graciously,
the dinner room was full of flattery and rich cigar smoke,
the alarm bells were nailed to plaster,
there was a separate floor for grotesque prison cells,
the mammoth chimneys breathed grey smoke,
the warning check post stood the tallest of all,
the vintage car hung in pride,
the coarse cloth sails cut chilly currents of Atlantic,
the steel railings formed invincible periphery,
the captains room had maneuvering controls,
skilled manpower managed electric supply,
thousands of human sailed for two days of expedition,
existed in harmony,
in handsomely furnished cubicles,
with no scope for mice and dirt,
the ship was made of unsinkable iron,
a blend of grandeur, and majestic travel,
the strongest sailing monster on water,
creating history in ship hierarchy,
with its hull biting into frozen Atlantic waters,
it was a ship of dreams,
a ship of artistically carved glamour,
with life boats suspended for mere formality,
and winged propellers marching through territories of water,
they called it the titanic


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