The United Family

water levels had dramatically receded,
The liquid had ceased to a mere trickle ceasing to flow,
The blistering sun staring like a devil upon the placid stream,
Truncating the persona of the jungle river to rivulets containing paltry water.
A crow hovering at low levels in the sky had a brilliant brainwave,
He released a cluster of tiny pebbles from his drooping beak,
Was instantly gratified at the inconsequential increase in the level of water.
The fur coated squirrel collected raw biscuit and nuts,
Fed the same in the river; noting it swell by meager fractions.
The serrated skin alligator; accumulated massive slabs of stone in its jaw,
Deposited them diligently blending with the earlier debris coagulated inside.
The wild striped zebra carried quantum loads of sand on its back,
Lowered the same in sparse assemblage of water slithering on the earth.
The long nosed elephant stashed a plethora of twigs and rustic foliage in its trunk,
Unleashing them in the river; witnessing its waters rise stealthily.

The century old tortoise bore thin crumbs of bread on its back,
Tossing its frugal contribution with all its might into the growing territory of water.

The animals selflessly sacrificed their proud possessions,
With even the red ants, spiders, and snakes devoting their perpetual best.

And aftermath’s of the sweat they shed were simply stupendous,
The stingy persona of river now displayed a fresh look,
Barren regions of land were inundated with surplus water,
The level of liquid was far more than at the threadbare beginning,
There was also an obstreperous chorus of voices which flooded the air,
Emanating from the throats of animals; now bathing in their self made river as a united family.


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