The Very 1st One

Never ever 1st at emolliently fructifying artistry; delinquently squandering countless sheets of brilliantly bonded paper; and vibrantly ecstatic paint,

Never ever 1st at blissfully mellifluous whistling; preposterously bellowing like a rabid dog; instead of diffusing into stupendously mesmerizing music,

Never ever 1st at adroitly cunning business; insanely hobbling into mists of utter meaninglessness; at even the very tiniest insinuation of dexterously prejudiced

Never ever 1st at insurmountably rapacious titillation; bizarrely floundering to be even a mercurial iota aroused; even as boundless tawdry seductresses danced in gay abandon all around,

Never 1st at the inter-college competitions; disintegrating into an infinite particles of clammy nothingness; even before alighting a single foot on the star studded stage,

Never ever 1st at ingeniously eclectic mimicry; not even able to remember the cadence of my very own voice; just an evanescent instant after I wholeheartedly spoke,

Never ever 1st at exotically tantalizing dance; penuriously ending up licking deliriously rotten dust on the floor instead; as the entire world beautifully
cavorted and flirted upon the same,

Never ever 1st at fantastically enamoring magic; clumsily erasing every bit of line from my own palm; instead of marvelously portending the future of countless others instead,

Never ever 1st at exuberantly adventurous mountain-climbing; sinking an infinite feet beneath my grave; the moment I tried to clamber up the very first jaggedly ebullient stone,

Never ever 1st at spreading the essence of timeless humanity; as the instant I unfurled my mouth to lecture; indiscriminately communal racialism mercilessly perpetuated every echelon of the unsurpassably sensitive society,

Never ever 1st at engendering people to uninhibitedly laugh; with the entire atmosphere breaking into oceans of hysterical tears; the instant I tried cracking one
of my best mugged jokes,

Never ever 1st at brilliantly outclassing my compatriots; being ruthlessly massacred into worthlessly inane ash; even before I could dream of venturing into intrepidly exhilarating territory,

Never ever 1st at explicit elocutions and debates; egregiously shooing away every speck of audience infront of me; as I disdainfully stuck on the very first alphabet for hours immemorial,

Never ever 1st at punctiliously synchronizing my surroundings; with the ambience around me always resembling a gutter of squalidly abhorrent and disgustingly rotten tomatoes,

Never ever 1st at vociferously cheering my comrades; with even the most thunderously reverberating of my voice miserably stuttering to reach even the chamber of my sordid mouth; as the entire planet around me broke into unequivocally untamed celebration,

Never ever 1st at replenishing my bones with luxury; as even before they holistically stretched themselves for the same; its silken caress was already gobbled in
entirety by a bunch of parasites around,

Never ever 1st at astoundingly memorizing; as unprecedented cloudbursts of impregnable sleep transcended over other conceivable speck in my brain;
making me yawn till even after horizons of infinite infinity,

Never ever 1st at taking quintessentially euphoric breath into my lungs; as I obnoxiously wavered and quavered in the race for ” Survival of the fittest”;
wholesomely devoured by infinite organisms in near vicinity even before I could blow a single whistle,

But the very 1st one in the boundlessly enchanting Universe who unassailably conquered every beat of your heart; the very 1st one on this planet who irrefutably
captured you in the swirl of immortally endless romance; the very 1st one on this earth who took your magnificently philanthropic signature on every blood-drop of mine; was I; was I; and would for infinite more births I pray and by the grace of God; always be I.


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