The Wandering Nose

When I rubbed my nose in finely crushed extract of green chili,
fumes of opalescent white gas emanated in quick successions from my nostril.

When I submerged my nose partially in freshly moistened earth,
the exotic scent of mud sent waves in my brain catapulting to dizzy heights.

As I pressed my nose against slender slices of piquant garlic,
obnoxious shivers ran at electric speeds down my spine.

After caressing my nose with the chrome steel tip of the perfume bottle,
a host of frivolous desires crept wildly through my persona.

When I kneaded my nose through a heap of glittering gold,
ostentatious feelings of opulence flooded penurious zones of my heart.

As I kissed my nose in the rotten pulp of decaying mango,
an ocean of sheer abhorrence descended down my soul.

When I poked my nose in a dense camouflage of brilliant rose petal,
the mesmerizing fragrance of the flower held me captive for hours on the trot.

When I held my nose in proximity with paltry pinches of pungent pepper,
iterative bouts of sneezing exhausted all energy trapped in my chest.

As I opened orifices in my nose to inhale clouds of disdainful black smoke,
twin pairs of my eyes started to water emphatically.

And when I dipped my nose in precious blood oozing from my beloved,
a cluster of olfactory nerves got nostalgically revived,
I felt besieged by the overwhelming power of devotion,
was ready to relinquish all that was essential in order to sustain our love.


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