The Wave Of Love

It was a wave that besieged me with the agony of supremely passionate desire; augmenting violently as every second unfurled,

It was a wave that embedded in me unprecedented exhilaration; fomented me to dance ecstatically under tenacious beams of silvery moonlight,

It was a wave that uncannily struck my senses; induced in me an insatiable yearning to stare into open space,

It was a wave that engendered me to sweat incessantly; dream bombastically all throughout the lengthy night,

It was a wave that made me run barechested on the crowded street; shrugging all my sanctimonious inhibitions into thin air,

It was a wave that made me completely oblivious to the unveiling of time; made me relinquish all prospects of spurious growth in the profoundly professional and
mundane world,

It was a wave that made me bask in the glory of the stupendously cool atmosphere; the air which I previously considered to be disastrously sultry and hot,

It was a wave that enveloped my impoverished persona like an overwhelmingly turbulent cyclone; gobbling me unsparingly in its impregnable swirl,

It was a wave that took away all my hunger; and yet rendered me craving for more and more morsels of food,

It was a wave that triggered me to bathe in passionate perspiration; even in the midst of the austerely cascading snow,

It was a wave that made me abdicate all my prudence and discerning ability; propelling me to walk enthusiastically even on the diabolically toothed shark,

It was a wave that made me wholesomely immune to the most deadliest of snakes crawling in vicinity; fervently awaiting an opportunity to strike me with
their dangerously venomous fangs,

It was a wave which stole all my sagacious memory; made me entirely forget my delectable surrounding; my very own complete name,

It was a wave which pierced me like an electric bullet; jolted me from the thick of blissful sleep; well past after wee hours of the lonely midnight,

It was a wave which caused me to make several trips to the mental asylum; as I was utterly unable to speak any other word except one,

It was a wave which drowned me totally into an ocean of seductive fantasy; one which simply didn’t seem to have a definite end,

It was a wave which blended with my blood faster than any liquid or food could coagulate; imparting me witha Herculean stamina that no force on this earth could
ever dream to curb,

It was a wave which viciously increased the pace of my heart; made it audible to even the birds perched right on the summit of the colossal treetops,

It was a wave which voluptuously tantalized me till my last breath; evoked infinite gooze-bumps to creep up my body as each day stumbled into fiery night,

It was a wave which mesmerized me so deeply; that I literally forgot that I had an entity of my own; that there was a melodiously enthralling voice blatantly subdued in the chamber of my moistened throat,

It was a wave which had no caste; religion; color or ostentatious creed; swept me off the ground like a frigidly timid broomstick,

It was a wave which had no dimension or length; instilled in my blood a robust cheer that amplified leaps and bounds by the unfolding minute,

It was a wave which perpetually swelled; kept on igniting the inferno of uncontrollable desire; for countless centuries to unveil in the center of my heart,

It was a wave which had made me deplorably blind; as I tripped embarrassingly on every step that I took; even before I could hoist my tender feet,

It was a wave which had no head; no tail; no significant entity; yet had the unfathomable prowess of luring me with its charm; the instant it nimbly
caressed me,

It was a wave which enticed me from the pinnacle of solitary boredom; set my life to a heavenly blissful and happy pace,

It was a wave which imparted my eyes with a divinely glow; that levitated to unimaginable heights as the clock sped by,
It was a wave which made time tick past at astounding speeds; and the stages of gloomy remorse which once stabbed me like a million needles; not got replaced by
a wistful longing for more moments in every day,

It was a wave which never crashed against the chain of satanic rocks; immortally kept titillating me with its poignant ebullience,

It was a wave which made me pathetically flounder at every little aspect of life; yet emerge out victorious as the supremely unconquerable winner,

It was a wave which taught me to embrace a person; trespassing intrepidly across pompous barricades of the orthodox society,

It was a wave which initiated me to believe in things that I had nonchalantly dismissed before; more importantly made me believe in the Omnipotent aura of

It was a wave which had the indefatigable power to defeat the entire Universe single handed; reign supreme over all the wealth and power for times immemorial,

It was a wave which made me stagger on just one thought for eternity; exasperated all those around me; wherever I went,

It was a wave which was more fragrant than the most incredulous of scent; ardently tickled the inner most rudiments of my reckless conscience,

It was a wave which impregnated my demeanor with spell bounding magic; metamorphosing everything I felt and softly brushed into glittering gold,

It was a wave which gave me the freedom to speak what I wanted; perceive the most unconventional conditions engulfing monotonous life,

It was a wave which made me realize that I had a definite purpose to fulfill; induced in me an unsurpassable desire to lead life,

And the most special thing about it was; that it was a wave which inevitably cast its ingratiating charm on every youth of my kind; incarcerating trembling bodies
in the current of its fathomless volatile energy; for it was none other than THE WAVE OF LOVE.


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