The Waves Of Immortal Love

The waves of profuse tanginess; culminated into a spray of unprecedented mischief; after clashing against the chain of rhapsodically black rocks,

The waves of insatiable nostalgia; culminated into a spray of vivaciously boisterous childhood; after clashing against the voluptuously alluring rocks,

The waves of overwhelming congeniality; culminated into a spray of blissful relationship; after clashing against the impregnable fortress of seductively
scintillating rocks,

The waves of bizarre sadness; culminated into a spray of inexplicable depression; after clashing against the marvelous festoon of dynamically flamboyant rocks,

The waves of unsurpassable enigma; culminated into a spray of incredulous mysticism shimmering resplendently like the stars; after clashing against the piquantly ingratiating conglomerate of rocks,

The waves of unprecedented happiness; culminated into a spray of tantalizing joy and desire; after clashing against the summit of the handsomely majestic rocks,

The waves of horrendous bloodshed; culminated into a spray of deplorably extinguishing oblivion; after clashing against the insurmountable façade of royally
sparkling rocks,

The waves of irrefutable honesty; culminated into a spray of sacrosanct righteousness; after clashing against the titillating mirror of unfathomably magnetic rocks,

The waves of unrelentingly augmenting desire; culminated into a spray of incredulously untamed passion; after clashing against the gigantic fountainhead
of unequivocally ecstatic rocks,

The waves of satanic violence; culminated into a spray of pathetically maimed lechery; after clashing against the garland of astoundingly poignant rocks,

The waves of philanthropically alluring charisma; culminated into a spray of splendidly blossoming freshness; after clashing against the mesmerizing silhouette of the unsurpassably everlasting rocks,

The waves of benevolent goodwill; culminated into a spray of magnanimous mankind; after clashing against the heart of the diamond crested rocks,

The waves of spell binding melody; culminated into a spray of stupendously augmenting harmony; after clashing against the periphery of the brilliantly
scarlet rocks,

The waves of maniacal frustration; culminated into a spray of treacherously menacing suicide; after clashing against the persona of the flamboyantly glistening and crystalline rocks,

The waves of perpetual solitude; culminated into a spray of bizarre devastation; trickling disastrously down the ocean bed; after clashing against the amazing
complexion of the magically vibrant rocks,

The waves of uncouth lies; culminated into a spray of dastardly remorse; after clashing against the countenance of the ravishingly glittering rocks,

The waves of uninhibitedly free beauty; culminated into a spray of enchanting enthrallment; after clashing against the silken bed of the celestially pacifying rocks,

The waves of ghastly death; culminated into a spray of horrifically parasitic hell; after clashing against the surreally dancing visage of the fragrantly exotic rocks,

And the waves of immortal love; culminated into a spray of inevitably precious life for centuries immemorial; after clashing against the oligarchic entrenchment of the magnificently Omnipotent rocks.


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