Their Immortal Heartbeats

The entire Universe satanically manipulated; while their impeccable eyes unrelentingly stared at eachother; with an ardor unconquerable and till times beyond eternity,

The entire Universe lecherously sucked blood; while their voluptuous lips uncompromisingly kissed each other; exploring the sweetness of God’s Omnisciently
divine creation,

The entire Universe brutally discriminated till fathomless miles beyond the gallows; while their sensuously intricate feet nudged each other; igniting inferno’s of spell binding infatuation; in the heart of the insidiously dolorous night,

The entire Universe murderously massacred; while their immaculate palms perpetually interlocked with each other; compassionately warming even the most
infinitesimally frigid iota of; frozen ice,

The entire Universe tyrannically worked from nine to nine; while their tantalizing bellies ravishingly titillated each other; eternally bonding with thunderbolts
of unendingly ecstatic desire,

The entire Universe invidiously rebuked all goodness; while their seductive eyelashes incessantly tickled each other; ebulliently philandering in the mists of innocuous newness; for centuries unprecedented,

The entire Universe disdainfully counted spurious bundles of currency; while their scarlet cheeks perennially blushed with each other; nervously fidgeting like a freshly embellished bride; under Omnipotent rays of the mid-day Sun,

The entire Universe dreadfully wandered in the aisles of commercial hell; while their exuberant voices unassailably bonded with each other; in the spirit of harmoniously United existence,

The entire Universe woefully sledged the essence of peace; while their poignant streams of blood burgeoned in blissful solidarity; ubiquitously disseminating the
principles of mankind; on every path that they tread,

The entire Universe mercilessly lambasted into realms of obsolete oblivion; while their pristine necks innocuously caressed each other; vividly painting the panoramic landscape of this planet with astoundingly eclectic color,

The entire Universe savagely groped after dungeons of penalizing greed; while their sacrosanct shoulders stood holistically abreast each other; confronting the
most acrimoniously torrid storms; with irrefutably supreme faith in the; Almighty Lord,

The entire Universe remorsefully sulked 24 hrs a day; while their resplendently twinkling chins gloriously coalesced with each other; as their spirit of sacred
togetherness metamorphosed all evil; into a bouquet of heavenly fragrance,

The entire Universe ominously plotted against weaker living kind; while their magically mesmerizing shadows forever amalgamated as one; benevolently blessing all
humanity; one and alike,

The entire Universe sadistically orphaned humanitarian goodness; while their impregnably truthful souls timelessly coagulated in an entrenchment of celestial
bliss; perpetuating the symbol of mankind to the most fathomless quarter; of this gigantic earth,

The entire Universe disdainfully abhorred intrepid adventure; while their miraculous footsteps unequivocally marched towards the path of scintillating righteousness; alleviating mother earth from the hands of the hideous devil,

The entire Universe spent the remainder of their lives in bombastic society meets and worthless cigar smoke; while their enthrallingly robust tongues intransigently discovered each other; triggering fires of bountiful belonging; even in the center of the morbidly soggy lake,

The entire Universe asphyxiated their nostrils with vindictive pollution; while their Omnipresent breath beautifully exhaled out as one; graciously consecrating a civilization of optimistic hope; on every path that they traversed,

The entire Universe insidiously cheated in graveyards of maligned castigation; while their divinely untainted brains relentlessly fantasized together; fabulously inundating the complexion of this planet with unfathomable happiness,

And the entire Universe existed worthlessly in webs of prejudice and eventually died; while their immortal heartbeats lived forever and ever and ever in flames of unshakable love; harboring its majestic goodness as the sole panacea to survive; for infinite more births yet to come.


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