Their Immortal Love

Even as the most immaculately placid rivers; truculently metamorphosed into ruthlessly lambasting fires of diabolical hell,

Even as an unfathomable corpse of lethally penalizing bullets rang inclemently all round the atmosphere; with indiscriminate devils marauding at free will,

Even as the most majestically towering mountains crumbled like a pack of frigidly insipid cards; pathetically kissing horrendous particles of threadbare dust,

Even as the fountain of salaciously treacherous lechery reigned supreme in the gigantic planet around; with the graveyard of hideous manipulation embedding
itself deeper and deeper into holistic soil,

Their immortal love remained as fragrant as the pristine flower of perennial peace; perpetually glowed with the spirit of irrefutably sparkling righteousness; with the blessings of the Omniscient Almighty Lord.


Even as man parasitically sucked his counterpart man; savagely devouring every ingredient of his innocuous bloodstream; to replenish his own treasuries with
malicious discontent,

Even as the handsomely blistering Sun intractably refrained to shimmer; portraying its unsurpassable anger upon satanically erring mankind,

Even as pragmatic time morbidly deadened in its very roots; gruesomely convoluting with the heinoustraitors and gory death; fulminating uninhibitedly around,

Even as the most viciously tumultuous thunderstorms of acrid dust; dreadfully obfuscated the entire civilization in whirlwinds of abhorrently vengeful sledging and slandering,

Their immortal love remained as eternally sacrosanct as the celestial heavens; philanthropically radiating the religion of gloriously everlasting mankind upon
one and all alike; with the blessings of the Omnipotent Almighty Lord.


Even as an unfathomable entrenchment of innocent eyes; were sordidly blinded with waves of irascibly derogatory commercialism,

Even as ominously stinking gutters of bizarre ruthlessness cut loose upon the unwitting cities; ingloriously inundating every particle of the atmosphere with brutally horrific despair,

Even as avalanches of coldblooded slavery transcended past the era’s of truth; as every living organism became a barbarically untamed criminal; rampantly
massacring innocent lives,

Even as the torturous tyranny of fate unceremoniously penalized the fathomless world; with the essence of the devil invidiously lingering in the disparaging
solitude that smarted around,

Their immortal love resplendently blossomed like the harmoniously twinkling stars in the gargantuan sky; benevolently disseminating the mantra of pricelessly effulgent existence; with the blessings of the unassailably marvelous Almighty Lord.


Even as pugnacious lizards of gory infidelity stabbed their rebellious venom; into the unequivocally virgin fabric of this colossal Universe,

Even as dungeons of tyrannical desperation enveloped the limitless cosmos; with every human despicably transforming into insidiously plagiarized shit,

Even as the most diminutive bit of enchanting melody; became a perfidiously whipping expletive of disgusting extinction; excoriating all voluptuous sensuousness
with the sword of conventionally robotic turgidity,

Even as heinously perilous death overruled the chapter of scintillating life; as even the most royally aristocratic of human life; became a fickle headed commodity being disdainfully pulverized; by power politics,

Their immortal love bloomed more tantalizingly than ever before; impregnably bonded in the cradle of unflinching solidarity for infinite more births yet to
unveil; with the blessings of the Omnipresent Almighty Lord.


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